Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainbow Day Part Two

Sunday was my niece's rainbow birthday party.
 I finally gave her her rainbow quilt.
I was so excited to see her reaction.
I had got it back from the quilter on Tuesday.
Yes I was still binding it on the way there.

Here it is all done.



Quilting, the pattern is topsey turvey.

I even did Rainbow binding

Just for fun let's look at my corners. They actually turned out perfect.

Before presents, cake and ice cream.

Instead of cake we had donuts.
My sister in law made them rainbow donuts

This is Sisi's chocolate with extra special candles

They burn the color of the candle,
rainbow fire on the rainbow candles,
for the rainbow party,
for the rainbow girl,
 it is too much, no not really. Just a little FYI I really like matching.

look at her cute puffed up cheeks.

I folded the quilt so that only the back was showing she was excited about the binding,
then we showed her the front and she lost her mind.

She kept on fluffing it, throwing it in the air.

Then she threw it on the floor head first.

Then she put all her presents on it, and hugged it some more.

This was about ten minutes later she was still so excited.
Look at her little arms jumping up and down

Hooray for RAINBOWS!

Thanks for letting us come play with you Sisi, I hope you have fun being

In other news...
This was Baby Sister on the way home, she always falls asleep like this,
with her hands in her lap and her feet crossed.

Look at her face she looks like she is faking, nope she is really asleep

Lala on the other hand totally asleep, with her head back and mouth open,
 there is no denying that she is asleep.
I like how she uses her seat belt as a pillow.

(I didn't edit any of these pictures they are all straight out of the camera sorry for any poor quality)


  1. Okay, that rainbow quilt is fantastic!!! And isn't it so gratifying to get such a reaction to your present?? You are the coolest aunt ever!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. what a beautiful quilt. love the gorgeous colors.


  3. The rainbow quilt is gorgeous!! Beautiful job!

  4. I love your beautiful quilt, especially the binding!

  5. Oh I love it! I want one! And just as I type that, my four year old is demanding one too! Beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! Can't wait to see what you have for next week!