Friday, November 2, 2012

Viking Princess

I had a friend ask me to make her grand daughter a Viking Princess.

I really didn't know what exactly to do.

I was like, that is perfect, and who wouldn't want to win a contest.

As I was writing this I went to get the link
 to the contest and found out that I won!!!

I Totally made this same face.

I totally won Woo Hoo!!

Here are the details, faux suede bodice, sheer skirt with ribbon trim, peasant top under dress. 

The Viking cloak was made out of fleece with a satin lined, fur trimmed, hood.
I found the cutest clasp buckle at the Joanns, totally made it fabulous.

No Viking would be complete with out some furry socks.

My niece Juliette was the model, and did a fabulous job.

I still can not believe I won, I am so excited.

The Babies

These are the costumes that I did not make,
at least not this year.

Baby Kate was Tinkerbell.

This was Lala's costume when she was a baby.

The Flash was confusing to this sweet baby,
so the rest of the photos are not the best.



Matching sparkle shoes.

My sister wanted to have little kilts made to match Merida.

Although I love my sister, and I am sure it would have been cute...
I was not going to play that game.

Since I work for a company that makes dress ups we went with that.

The twins love the color pink, and the color purple.

One is always pink, and the other purple.

Knowing that this option existed we went with this.

It is all they talked about,
being the pink and purple princess.  

That takes care of all the family costumes.

I did sleep well that night, and the next one too.

Until next year...

Ash-Anna's Princess Tiana

My niece Ash-Anna missed the pre-party.

She was trick or treating in her neighborhood first.

She came late so here is her Princess Tiana.

It was taken indoors, at night, in the dark, and with a flash,
so the pics are not as fabulous as they could be.

In person, in the sun, it is very sparkly.

Once again I made a little girls dream come true.

I love doing that. 

Piper's Merida

My sister is a wise woman.

When her daughter told her she wanted to be Merida,
she knew to call me.

I made it two pieces, an underdress made of semi sheer fabric,
and a dress made of cotton velour.

I think it is pretty spot on.

My sister had a family crest pin that Piper wore.

She loved it!!
Check out her awesome archery skills.

That is all her hair, just painted orange. 

Here is her brother photo bombing the picture.
I love the look on her face.

Baby Sister's Clown

Baby Sister wasn't sure what she was going to be.
She went back and forth and wouldn't make up her mind.

Then one day she said that she wanted to be a clown.

Baubi quickly pointed out that that is not allowed.

I have had a long standing rule,
 there will be no clowns, or gypsies for Halloween.

Not because they are freaky, the truth is this...
it is below my skill level.

I think any mother with minimal sewing skills 
can whip together a clown or a Gypsie.

I am not a mother with minimal sewing skills.

It is true I am a sewing snob.

There I admitted it, isn't that the first step of recovery.

After thinking about it I gave in.

It fits her personality to well.

I thought I could make her a Lalaloopsy clown.

Layered tutu skirt.

Orange (because it is still her favorite color) satin tuxedo jacket...

Complete with tails.

I loved it, and it became my favorite one this year.

I especially loved her leggies.

I will work on my sewing 12 step program, 
and maybe there will be some sort of recovery in the end.

Lala's Fighting Snow White

This past spring we went to see Mirror Mirror.

Lala LOVED it.

That is what she wanted to be for Halloween.
She even said so as we were leaving the theater.

I begged her to let me make her the blue wedding dress,
or the Queen's wedding dress.
She said no, that she wanted to be the fighting Snow White.

I told her that no one would know who she was.
She didn't care, that is who she wanted to be.

So I made her dreams come true.

Her bucket is red like the apple, with little mirrors glued to it.

Her sword is from her Musketeer days,

I was right no one at school, or trick or treating knew who she was.

It didn't matter because she loved it.

Her cousin Jess kept on photo bombing every picture I was trying to take.
I finally gave up trying to get him to move, and let him be in the pictures.
They had so much fun together trick or treating.

I love that some of my kids best friends are their cousins.

Gowyn's Effie Trinkette

Gowyn wasn't sure of what she was going to be.
She was thinking of being Emma from Once upon a Time.
We could not find a red leather jacket, and even though I love her a lot,
I was not going to pay full price for one if I did find one.

Her very best friend in the whole wide world was wanting to be 
Caesar (the games announcer) from the hunger games.
Since he has always played along with her,
we decided it was time she play along with him.

So she was Effie Trinkette.

I used a jacket pattern that had a peplum,
and the sleeves from Glinda from the Wizard of Oz.

I made the rouched fabric and then made her skirt. 

I even put the flowers on her bum.

Here they are together, Caesar and Effie.

The funny thing about this is that Gowyn HATES the color pink.

Baubi's Iron Man


Since she is now 15 she decided that she wanted to make her own.

I am not going to lie to you, I was not happy about it.

She and her friends wanted to be the Avengers 
They were going to have a tutu party, 
watch the movie and tie tutus to their hearts content. 

They started out with seven girls. 
Which then dwindled down to four girls.
Then her friend who was going to be the hulk...
Her mom decided that the hulk was stupid,
 and nobody would want to be him. 
So she made her a superman tutu costume instead.

By this time Baubi was so sad her great plan was ruined.
She wanted to have a big group and three just isn't as impressive.
One super awesome costume would have been better.

It was then at 6:45 on Halloween eve that she realized the error of her ways. 
If she had given me a days notice, or even told me all this in the morning
 I probably could have made her dreams come true.

Instead she stuck with her plan and owned it.

Here she is Iron Man, 
or at least the girly version.

Her friends all had the same shirts, which were mens shirts that I cut down.
Thor and Captain America had tutus that matched.
Tors was black, silver, and red in the back to be like his cape.
Captain Americas was red, white, and blue.

In the end she was still happy.

This is her Tebo pose, 
or her I should have listened to my mother prayer.

You may recall from last year, that her cousin Johno loves her.

Last year he was Little John to her Robin Hood.

This year he was her Captain America.

They had way too much fun together.
Johno's dad made his shield, it is metal and awesome. 

I wonder what they will be next year.

In case you were wondering what I was going to make her.

I was going to use the same pattern as last years Robin Hood.
I was going to make it red with a gold blouse and gold trim on the skirt.
Would have been adorable.

Lesson learned the hard way.

My Halloween Report

I am still alive, and here I am to report on Halloween.

I have been debating about one big long post,
or little posts for each costume I made.

I feel a little bit like a looser for not posting anything for a long time.

I also like to see that I have a list of posts.

SOOO you are getting a bunch of new posts from me today.

Here is a group shot with Grandma and Grandpa.

I made all but five of those costumes. 
I am not counting Grandma and Grandpa. :)