Friday, November 2, 2012

Viking Princess

I had a friend ask me to make her grand daughter a Viking Princess.

I really didn't know what exactly to do.

I was like, that is perfect, and who wouldn't want to win a contest.

As I was writing this I went to get the link
 to the contest and found out that I won!!!

I Totally made this same face.

I totally won Woo Hoo!!

Here are the details, faux suede bodice, sheer skirt with ribbon trim, peasant top under dress. 

The Viking cloak was made out of fleece with a satin lined, fur trimmed, hood.
I found the cutest clasp buckle at the Joanns, totally made it fabulous.

No Viking would be complete with out some furry socks.

My niece Juliette was the model, and did a fabulous job.

I still can not believe I won, I am so excited.


  1. Crazy super stinking cute! That second pic looks like it should be a pattern cover! Congrats and ummmm no wonder you won! ;o)

  2. Good for you. This costume is so incredibly cute.

  3. Wow!! This is just amazing. Most spectacular costuming job, her blond curls are perfect for the theme, and she does a completely "professional" job of modeling your outfit! Too, toooooo cool all around. :D And congrats on winning!