Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Sister's Clown

Baby Sister wasn't sure what she was going to be.
She went back and forth and wouldn't make up her mind.

Then one day she said that she wanted to be a clown.

Baubi quickly pointed out that that is not allowed.

I have had a long standing rule,
 there will be no clowns, or gypsies for Halloween.

Not because they are freaky, the truth is this...
it is below my skill level.

I think any mother with minimal sewing skills 
can whip together a clown or a Gypsie.

I am not a mother with minimal sewing skills.

It is true I am a sewing snob.

There I admitted it, isn't that the first step of recovery.

After thinking about it I gave in.

It fits her personality to well.

I thought I could make her a Lalaloopsy clown.

Layered tutu skirt.

Orange (because it is still her favorite color) satin tuxedo jacket...

Complete with tails.

I loved it, and it became my favorite one this year.

I especially loved her leggies.

I will work on my sewing 12 step program, 
and maybe there will be some sort of recovery in the end.

1 comment:

  1. I love it!crazy fun! And ill bet she asks to where the skirt to school or at least out and about! And I have to say with a solid coloured top... I. Would SO let her! Cute!