Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Tutus

Like I said yesterday I made the flower girls Tutus

You may think this is silly.

 I know my daughter, and all though I would like to think I am raising a princess, 
I'm not she is a little girl.

She is a little girl who thinks her clothes are napkins.
and that there is nothing special about the dresses I make.

I am sure she thinks that all moms do what I do.
That all girls get dresses like she does.

At least that is what I tell myself, when I see them in a pile on her floor.

Just as a reminder the girls got these beautiful,
floor length,
raw silk from India,

So for the reception I had them change into this. 

How cute are they.

OK they aren't really tutus, more of a modern take on a tutu.
I used this pattern, it has fishing line in the hem. 

Makes them all cute, curly, and fluffy.

My friend has a silhouette machine,
 and she very kindly made the "P"

"P" is for the brides new last name.

Here is proof about what a wise woman I am.

There she is covered in shaving cream.

Now imagine for a second that she is in silk.

Are you having a heart attack yet?

The skirts are full circle skirts and were so fun to dance in.

Something to think about before your next wedding.

It was such a good day.

They are the best couple ever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

There Was a Wedding

I realize I haven't been her much but...

There was a Wedding.

Good Looking's niece Ashley was married to her perfect match Chase one Saturday.

Believe it or not, I did some sewing for the event.

I am thinking that this story might have to be broken up into a few posts.

Let's see what should we start with?

How about the dresses I sewed.

It was only six dresses, three tutus, and one skirt, 
nothing close to the twenty two I did before.

Dress number one was a Jr. Bridesmaid dress.
Ashley's step sister needed  a dress.
I volunteered my services.

I remembered as she was walking down the aisle, 
that I never took a picture of her, or the dress.
Then I forgot to get another picture of it.

Front and Back. 

The bridesmaids had floor length gowns, so I did the same for her.
It was fabulous, I should have taken better pics.

The flower girls were spoiled rotten in raw silk.

Front and Back 
Again with the floor length.

The pattern is by Susan Stewart, it is my new favorite.
The original pattern had pleats in the bodice,
 but the bride did not like them, or the sleeves.

They are beautiful beyond compare.

Now my other girls were not officially part of the wedding.

I couldn't just let them show up in anything.

I mean emerald green was the wedding color, 
and if you know the wedding color,
 and you are going to be in the pictures you should match right. 

(in the following pictures the dresses look teal, but they are really emerald green)

Baubi got this "retro" dress.
it is a simplicity pattern that looks like it has been discontinued
 because I couldn't find it.

Gowyn wanted this dress because it has pockets in the front.
See how you can't see her thumb, that is where the pocket is.

It is so cute and fluffy.
I love that Susan Stewart.

I made myself a pleated satin skirt.

I was looking for a picture, 
but the only ones I could find were of me sitting down.

You can't get a good idea from me sitting down.

The girls are in the tub and I need to get them ready for bed,
so I will tell you about the tutus later.

They are fabulous.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Madeira Applique

No phone pics today I promise

I belong to a little quilty group.

We thought it would be fun to do a Round Robin quilt.

It goes like this...
You make an 18" quilt square. 
You give it to a friend she puts a border on it.
She gives it to another friend on the list who adds another border.
So on and so forth.

We got together the other day to say goodbye to a friend who is moving.
It was sad and tragic because New York is a long way
away from Utah, and Maggie is fabulous.

Anyway at this little shindig we were all discussing our squares,
because the swap begins next month. 

My friend April wants to use the Ghastlies.


Aren't they cute?

She wanted to make a frame around it,
but couldn't figure out how.

I told her that she should do a Madeira applique.
She had never heard about this type of applique.
I told her I would find a tutorial for it, the problem is 
I could not.

I found an old episode of Martha Pullen,
she gave a teaser and then wanted you to subscribe for $99
Sorry love you Martha but that is not happening.

So I told her I would do it for her so here you go April
your Madeira applique tutorial.

Since she is using Alexander Henry, I pulled out some of my old scraps.
And since she is wanting to make a frame.
 I thought I would frame his cute face.

Hey good looking, how you doin'.

I first made a "frame"
I folded a piece of paper into fourths.
Drew a corner that looked good.

folded it back up and cut it out.

Looks like a good frame to me.

I got my square I am using for the frame and folded it in half.

Traced my frame shape on to it with a pencil.

Here is the secret ingredient.
Disappearing thread, you get it wet and it disappears.
I think I found mine at Joann's. 
I've had it for years, I mean really how many times do you want 
what you sew to disappear?
I remember thinking it was easier to find than I thought it would be.
Anyway back to business.

With your magic thread in the bobbin, and the top sew on your line.
Just a little FYI, you either want to mark your bobbin or strip it when you are done.
You really don't want to start a project with that thread in your bobbin.

There you go all done.

Next trim away a seam allowance.
Turn it inside out, I did clip the corners for turning
it's just hard to see.


Soak it, press again.

Just like magic it will fall open.
I tried pressing it again at this point,
but it lost it's shape a little.
Maybe wait until it is sewn down. 

Sewing it down couldn't be easier.

Your raw edge is already turned in for you.
Just place it where you want it and sew it down.
You can do it by hand but with the clipped corners I would
do it by machine.
I changed my needle position over a little close to the edge
just to be sure about the clipped corners.

Nice tiny stitch and all done.

This is an awesome technique to know for sewing dresses.
 You can do scalloped hems, and a little scallop along the edge of a sleeve.
With heirloom you can use a wing needle and a star stitch to have little pin holes along the border.
Super cute.

Let me know if this helped, 
and if you have any questions let me know how I can help.

Go forth and be AWESOME!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July

How was your fourth?

I am posting this from my phone so wish me luck.

We went to the Stadium of Fire.  It's a big fireworks spectacular that is held here in Utah every fourth. 
Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jepson performed. It was a lot of fun.

I of course did some sewing, I used to make whole entire Fourth of July wardrobes for the girls. 
This year since we weren't going to the parade, I just made dresses for that night.

The little girls Lala and Baby Sister got the same dresses. 
I got this super cute fabric last year from Riley Blake. 
I ran out of time to make dresses last year so I did it this year.

I love the ombré poke a dots. 
I love this dress. 
I really love the baby piping.

Baby Sister was still asleep when I was taking pictures. 
I thought for sure I would have time to take a group shot, but I was wrong.

Gowyn wanted me to make a '50's style sundress, but I didn't have time for that. 
I also didn't have time to get a picture of her in her dress. 

Isn't it cute, I think it is perfect for a twelve year old princess. 
Want to know what is cuter? 
Those little Polk a dots are really little stars.

I finished sewing Gowyn's dress at about 11:30 on the morning of the fourth. 
I'm really good at last minute things.

Baubi had told me that she didn't want me to make her anything. 
She wanted to wear her cut off white shorts. 
As you might have guessed I was not happy about that decision. 
So as soon as I was done with Gowyn's dress I started Baubi's skirt. 
I had seen skirts like this on Pinterest and wanted to try to make one myself. 
I love it!!
 Most importantly the teenager LOVES it!!! 
She has worn it three times since.

Here is a close up. 
The skirt is made with lace yardage that I layered up the length of the skirt.

The best thing about this skirt was that it was free!! 
The skirt fabric was scraps, and the lace was given to me from when I worked at Jolene's. 
I love free.

I hope you had a happy and safe holiday. I will see you soon.

Oh my goodness, blogging from my phone was a bad idea.
All these pictures are from my phone and I thought that might work.
Man oh man was I wrong.

I will try again.
Let me know if you want me to do a tutorial on Baubi's skirt.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flickr Your Heart Out

You asked and I tried.

I set up a Flickr group here.

I do not know how to make a cute little button.

You know it would be cute and sit over there.

You could click on it, 
and it would take you to the Rainbow swap Flickr page.

Like I have said in the past.
this lady is not techy by any stretch of the imagination.

I will try to make a friend who can do it. 
Before that can happen you can click here.

Have fun, I can't wait to see what you did with yours.

I am working on a new rainbow project, 
I will post when I can.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Checking In

I am just checking in to say that I am out of here.

Don't worry I will be back.

A friend needs help at her quilt retreat this weekend,
I volunteered my cooking services.

I get to spend the next four days cooking and quilting.

I was trying to send out an email to those of you who have joined my swap.

I say trying to because when ever I tried to send it stupid google would say 
that the email was not recognized. 

I think I have to re-enter everyone's email again or something, I don't know I am not technically savvy.
I am a seamstress and a mom and that is about it. 

I was also asked to set up a Flickr group, so that we could see what everyone was doing with their squares.

Once again not savvy, so still working on that one too.

If you are ready to send your squares let me know, and I will at least get you my address.

Have a great weekend, I will return and report about all the quilty fun.

Monday, April 15, 2013

You Know You Want To

I am here today to try to convince you to join my little swap.

I have some awesome ladies that have been to every party.

They have signed up for all three swaps.

I would hate for them to not get what they wanted.
(600 rainbow squares)

If you have been on the fence about it, have no fear.

I am nice, and I will let you play.

If you are afraid of the cost.

Joann's is having a fat quarter sale this week.

They are only .99 each.

I will let you pull from your stash.

If your favorite color is purple and you have an excess of it,
I will let you have that color.

I really want to get to know you, so come sign up.

or if your favorite color is aqua blue, there is still an opening here.

If you have no idea what I am talking about,
you can go back to my original post here.

Since a post without pictures is boring I thought I would share this one.

There was two inches of snow this morning...
this is a happier and warmer place.

I really miss it there.
I mean really is there anything better than Hawaii.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What To Do

My friend Julie moved away last year.

It was so sad, she lived just two doors down.

She was the spice queen, 
when ever I needed a weird spice, I knew she would have it.

She knows how to can everything, 
and even makes grape pie.

She is awesome, and I miss her a ton.

Anyway she signed up for my swap.

I think it is a little funny, 
because when she lived two doors down, she did not come and play the swappy game.
But now that she lives on the other side of the country,
now she wants to play.

Julie was wondering what to do with her fabrics once she gets them,
So I thought I would show you what my other friend Kim and I did with ours.

Kim is awesome and she is moving too.
Thankfully only to the other side of town

She makes these super cute rainbow quilts.

I say these, because she has made a number of them.

I don't even know how many, but she loves them.

Super cute, she makes half square triangles,
 and they turn out adorable.

Even the back is adorable.
The blue sky,
the rainbow,
and then the moons.

(Oh Kim if you are reading this I was just over at Wendy's and she has the cutest rainbow quilting pattern)

I made this rainbow quilt for my husbands niece.
She is a rainbow lover.
If you want to you can read about it over here

It will tell you the pattern and stuff.
You can also see Sisi's reaction which is priceless.

Sorry I just had to brag about the scrappy binding.

There are still spots open for the swap.

Swap one has one place left (aqua blue)
Swap two is about half way full,
and swap three is wide open.

If you are afraid of the expense...

I am not a fabric snob, and I allow fabrics from Joann's, and hobby lobby.

In fact Joann's is having it's daffodil dash sale, I think next week end.
As part of the sale they are having all fat quarters only .99 cents.
So with shipping and fabric you are less than twenty bucks.

Best twenty bucks you'll ever spend.

Go on over and sign up, I know you want to.

I mean look how cute those quilts are, you know you want one,
or three, the possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Do This

 It is spring!!!

Even though it did snow this morning.

For those of you who are new,
in the spring I do a rainbow swap.

This is how it goes. 

Step one......

Sign up.

You sign up on this cute little google doc 
that my friend Aimee made for me. 

Now in the past this has been very popular so there are going to be three swaps.

Click on one of those links.
(or all three if you feel so inclined)

Pick your color.
Give me your info, and you are in.

Look how easy that is.

Step Two....

You get to go shopping!!!!

You will buy ten fabrics of the color you chose.

All you need is a 1/4 yard, or a fat quarter.

You see there are twenty people in each swap,
each buying ten fabrics.

So you will get back 200 different fabrics.

I know awesome right.

Step Three....

Cut them up.

You need to get twenty squares from each fabric.

Four inches each.

I have provided you this nice little tutorial .

Step Four....

Stack them up.

Please show that you love me, and you are thankful for this swap.

You can do that by stacking your fabrics into twenty individual piles,
one fabric per pile.

This saves me from touching 800 separate pieces of fabric,
and for that I am very thankful.

Step Five....

Send them to me.

The deadline for them being in the mail is May 6th.

That way I can sort, bag and hopefully have them in the mail 
back to you by the end of the week.

Then you will get a nice Mother's Day present.

Somethings to remember....

This is not Orange...

this is not Yellow...

and this believe it or not is not Green.

There is a difference,
 and we want to love every fabric you send.

We want to put a little bit of you into our quilts.

So let's play nice.

There is a difference between aqua blue and royal blue,
lime green and kelly green,
light pink and hot pink.

If you think this is going to be a problem for you, go ahead and pick yellow.

This is a spring swap so we want cool bright fabrics,
not warm moody fabrics.

Sunny orange not pumpkin orange.

Ok are you excited?

Have you been waiting?

Have you been planning your projects just waiting for me to come back?

Just kidding

Go sign up...

I will send you an email with all the gory details,
in case you got lost along the way.

Have fun!!!!