Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy Working

I wish I was all done with my costumes so that you could see but the flower girls wore me out.

This is what we are being.

We usually know a year in advance what everyone is going to be. They get very excited and talk about it all year. This year Baubey changed her mind a lot. First she wanted to be Victoria from Twilight. I told that no one would know who she was because really how would you know without buying the freaky contacts. This is the list of her other options, Zombie, Prom Zombie, eighties girl (who knew that what I wore when I was her age would be a costume now) rock star princess, Mulan, Jessie and the winner was a gangster or should I say a gangsta. I am buying the fabric today. Wish me luck.

Gowyn has a long and undying love of Cinderella. She has been every version you could imagine. Cinderella, Pumpkin fairy, Fairy Godmother, Cinderella the maid, Cinderella the pink dress that he mice make. This year she is being Cinderella the bride. I have told her that we have worked our way though the entire movie so now we are done. She still has hopes of being both the step sisters. I am just not in the mood for that one. Her very best friend is a boy and has agreed to be Prince charming. This is all very appropriate, it is Cinderella and Prince charming's 60th wedding anniversary this year.

Lala is being a musketeer she has had her heart on it since last year. She really likes the idea of the hat, and the sword, the two trickiest things. One can find many piarte swords but not fencing swords. Since her favorite color is pink, it is pink, on pink, on pink.

For fun a little pointless background four of my siblings including me all had babies with in one year, I know we were busy. So this year the three year olds are all being characters from The Wizard of Oz. Baby sister is being the Wicked Witch of the East. Niece 1 is going to be Glinda. My sister in law has always loved the movie and since Lala was Glinda when she was three, I have promised it to her. Niece 2 is going to be one of the ballerina munchkins, she didn't want to be black and have a green face, for some reason no three year old girl does. Niece 3 is going to be Dorothy she has long dark hair and will be perfect. I still haven't forgiven my brother for moving across the planet, because he did will not have a lion,scarecrow, or Tin Man, I am positive my nephew would have been the cutest one ever. The Wicked Witch of the East was the one that the house landed on, all you ever see is her legs so this leaves quite alot up to the imagination. I have decided on a tierd skirt, corset, peasant blouse, and of course black and white striped legs and ruby red shoes. So far it is looking pretty cute.

My husband and I never dress up. I know we are very boring. My girls always want him to dress up but he is not having it. We were watching Glee once and he said that I could make him a Kiss costume I think going from never dressing up, to going as Gene Simmons might be too much of a leap. I did buy a musketeer hat the turned out to really be a Zorro hat. It was to big for Lala so he is going to wear it while he drives the girls around on our scooter he thinks it will be cool to have the cape fly up in the back. Goofy man.

I'm sorry I don't have any photos I keep forgetting to take them as I go. I will be taking a bunch the day of promise. Until then pray that the sewing gods will be with me the next two days. Trust me I am going to need it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done Done Done!!!

The grand total was. 22 girls dresses and 2 adult skirts. To break it down further I can say that I made 55 skirts, 22 fully lined bodices, set 44 sleeves, 78 button holes, 78 buttons with 10 being sewn on by hand. Now in case you are reading this thinking you only made 22 dresses what's up with all those skirts. Each dress size 18 months to seven had three skirts one sheer, one satin, one cotton slip. The dresses size eight to 12 each had two skirts one sheer one crepe. Sleeves and bodices were fully lined and understiched. I made three baby outfits that were basically a bubble with a skirt, so I guess I can say that I also made three pants. Now you know the extent of the crazy that goes on in my mind, if you are going to do it, do it fabulous.

The wedding was Saturday and amazing! I couldn't have been more excited for her. She waited so long and found the most perfect man who loves her 100% and than some.

I was finishing up my sewing at the rehearsal dinner at my sisters house. I had run out of orange thread for the skirt I was making. My choices were buy the thread finish at home and show up to the wedding with the skirt for the sister in law, or buy the thread and take my machine and finish it that night at the party, so that is what I did.

I was wanting to get a picture of all the dresses lined up in a row, but every one was so excited that they went fast.
This was the best I could do.

Since that picture doesn't tell you much I will break it down further.
I made six straw colored dresses like this one Lala is wearing.

I made four ginger colored dresses like this one that Lex is wearing. In this one you can see the slip peaking out from the bottom.

This super cute girl is our cousin. I made four of these cranberry dresses. Isn't she so good at walking like a princess, and swirl, and swoosh and hold up your dress like Sleeping Beauty does.

The big girls thought that they were too cool for our little photo shoot and left, so I couldn't get a picture of them that day so here is a picture of their dresses. I made six of these, they are crepe and chiffon.
Each dress got one of these super cute flowers I made to make the dress more exciting.

My sister not only got an amazing husband, she also got two sweet girls.
They obviously needed something more exciting since they were part of the wedding party so they got theses two piece dresses in this dark plum color.

Just for fun some more photos. It is important to walk like a princess when going down the stairs.

Even a princess needs to have a little sass.

It was fun to have the challenge, fun to see all the cute girls twirling in their dresses, and fun to hear over and over how amazing I was. Compliments are always fun. I wish I could say I did it once and I don't have to worry about doing it again but alas I will. My sister's sister in law is getting married in January. Bring it on!

And there you have it. Now on to Halloween. Let the games begin.