Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Here It Is

So I said I was going to post how to cut your fabric for the swap and I still haven't.
I am a looser it is true. 
So with out further ado here you go.

 There you go I hope that helps sorry for being so late.

Baby sister started throwing up on Thursday and didn't stop until yesterday.
Her spirit was truly gone while she was sick, she would just lay there looking so sad.

She was actually looking at me for this picture.

Just look at that sad face.

Then yesterday she threw off her blankets and yelled
"Me is all better"
She is back to her old self, playing, talking to her toys, and is wanting a third gogurt for the day.

Lala came home from school yesterday saying that she didn't feel good,
yep, she threw up this morning.
She is already acting like herself so I am not that worried.
Fingers crossed.

I also cleaned my sewing room but we will save that for another day.
Trust me when I say it is amazing.

I have started to get fabric and it is very exciting!
So far I have green (kelly and lime)
I can hardly wait to see what every one else has sent.


  1. Oh poor girl! I've already sent my Hot Pink/Fuchia squares to DJ on Saturday. Jenn

  2. .Jenn she was gone for spring break, and was so excited when she got home and your fabrics were there. We haven't got anything in last two days hopefully we get 10 tomorrow. That would be so exciting.