Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Field of Poppies Dress

I am in  hurry to get my sister in law from the airport.
She is coming in town for woman's conference, and I know that once her family gets a hold of her they are not going to let her go, so I am going to kidnap her at the airport and take her to lunch with my sisters.

I said I would post this today and so I am doing it really quick so wish me luck.

At the end of February Joann had it's Casa collection on sale so I went to get the fabric for the girls dresses.
They did not have orange.
This may seam strange to some of you that I would want orange of an Easter dress, but it is Baby Sister's favorite color.
I was at a loss as what to do so I went with pale green, I knew this would be a problem, but really I had no choice in the matter.

Than two weeks ago Joann was having another sale and this time it was a better deal.
I did not go there for satin but when I walked by I saw that they had spring colors, and not only did they have orange they also had coral.
 The orange was a bit harsh compared to the other girls colors so we went with coral.

I originally was going to make two tulip dresses but after the first one, there was no way I was going to do that again.
I used the same bodice pattern as Lala's, and did a simple two layered, petty skirt lined skirt.
The petty skirt is a light orange color because baby sister didn't believe me that coral was the same as orange, now when it is turned inside out it looks like sherbet.

It was looking pretty simple so I added about forty flowers.
So here you have it for your viewing pleasure...


How stinking cute is that?

Of course the big bow in the back.

Super cute tulip sleeve.

A close up of the flowers.

I attached each flower with these little beads.
Good looking said "Of course it needs beads, how else are the bees going to eat?"
He can be such a dork.

Well there you go I am now off to the airport, I hope you have a great day.

Also, are you going to need a tutorial on these flowers too?


  1. That is gorgeous!! It is soooo cute!! :)

  2. Wow! Both dresses are amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! And yes to the flower tutorial. Good job Robin!

  4. Love how this turned out. Did you make it to the airport? The flowers. Oh the flowers. I cannot say enough about those flowers.

    PS, I linked you bloggy again in my lastest post. :)

  5. Very pretty. My daughter would love this dress.

  6. OH!! That is just gorgeous!! My Alie would LOVE that dress! I wish, or better yet I CAN NOT WAIT to learn how to sew!! :) p.s. newest follower here! :)

  7. Beautiful Dress!!
    And Yes, to the tutorial
    Have a wonderful family get together

  8. the tulip sleeves are darling. Very cute dress!

  9. WOW! I'm jealous at your mad crazy skills!

  10. This is absolutely stunning! I love how free falling the flowers are, not too uniform all in a row. So pretty! I'd love for you to visit my blog sometime,

  11. this is so beautiful! great job :)
    - Erin

  12. once again, great job - - just featured you on my facebook page

  13. Oh my gosh, gorgeous!!! I'd love for you to come link up!!

  14. This is absolutely beautiful!
    I love the tulip sleeves

  15. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous color too and I love all of the beautiful flowers. That must have taken a lot of time. Definitely "stinkin' cute!"

  16. Beautiful dress and beautiful girls {I'm looking at your header}! Fun!

  17. I toasted you today; come grab a button!!

  18. OMG, I just wanted to tell you how absolutley beautiful your dress is! I am very jealous of your sewing talent. I've hacked a few dresses apart to remake them...but that is devine!
    Kim @

  19. oh wow, super cuteee poppy dress!!! love it!!sorry that you cant get the orange fabric but still the dress is super cute in any color, so envious on your sewing skill!! x Susan

    btw i'm your new follower from homemakeronadime blog hop party!