Monday, May 2, 2011

Gowyn's Dress

My second daughter, who we call Gowyn has been in love with Cinderella since she was 3 1/2.
She loved Pooh Bear when she was a baby and then when she was three,
she saw Cinderella and she was done for.

She is now 10, one would think that she would be over it by now, but no.
Her favorite color is blue with green and purple as alternates, because they have blue in them.

Anything that is clear is called glass slipper.
Clear picnic silver wear is called glass slipper fork.

This is the problem I faced.
  I went to the Joann's and once again they did not have color I had in mind,
 light blue satin.
I settled on periwinkle, I know what you are thinking,
it is close to blue almost purple she should be OK with that.

If you knew her, you would know this just will not due.
When I started cleaning my sewing room I found left over satin from when she was four and she was Cinderella in her blue ballgown.

That is when I decided to use that instead of the periwinkle.
Don't worry the lime green and periwinkle are going to a new home here shortly.

 So with out further ado, or confusion I give you Gowyn's blue dress.

It hits her just below her knee.

Even though it has a bow in the back I still think it is a good big girl dress.

When I said the dresses were wearable but not done Gowyn's dress didn't have these flowers yet.
I really think they make the dress.

Look how cute they are with the beads in the center.
The beads were my grandmothers, even though they are just plastic beads
they are special because they are hers.

For good measure glass slipper buttons.

I sewed a petty skirt in it to poof a little and it is perfect.

I will be back with the tute on those flowers I promise.

I was thinking of calling this Ring Around the Rosies Dress
What do you think?


  1. Oh my, it's beautiful!! The flowers with the beads are just perfect! I think any girl would be more than happy to have a dress like this, heck I would. Great job.

  2. That is gorgous! I would have LOVED to have a dress like that as a little girl! Great job!

  3. Wow, I hope one day I can sew like you! This is beautiful, it is prettier than any cinderella gowns from Disneyland.
    New follower

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Any little girl would love a dress like this!