Monday, May 2, 2011

Rainbow Day Part One

Sunday was Rainbow Day.

It was our cousin Sisi's birthday party.
You may remember that she loves rainbows, to the point of obsession.
Baby Sister was invited to her friends party on Saturday, I was trying to make her a bag.
(I told my sister in law that I was going to reuse the boarder to line a bag for her)
Time got away from me,
I guess I wasn't as amazing as I thought and ran out of time.
So I finished it for Sunday and the family party.

Sisi has a collection of bright colored rags that she likes to play with.
She doesn't clean with them they are just for playing with.
I thought that a ticker tape bag would be a cute way of symbolising her special rags.

Here is the inside with the rainbow fabric,
and a cute little green pocket.

Here are the straps,
 I figured if I was making a scrappy bag I should continue the theme with the straps.
I like the rainbow print on the shoulder how it switches direction. It was a mistake they were suppose to be the same,
I love it when mistakes make it better.

Here is a close up with this super cute I-spy center square.

Here is the back with this friendly sunshine.
 I love how it turned out and Sisi loves it, so that is all that matters.

I will be back later with the rest of the days festivities


  1. So bright, fun, and cheery! How could you not love it with all of that fun-ness! Good job!