Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow (this has nothing to do with Oz I promise)

See that little munchkin in the back behind baby sister, that is her cousin Sisi.
 (these pictures are from Lake Powell last year)
She is a funny little girl, and she loves rainbows. I don't know if it is that she likes all the colors, or if it is that she doesn't want any of the other colors to feel bad if she didn't pick them, or maybe she is just a little OCD. She just always has to have all of the colors,whether it is in treats, or toys, or even rag if there are multiple colors of something she has to have one of every color. 

Last summer in Lake Powell she only agreed to have her hair done if I did "rainbow" hair.

Then back in January I found this swap. I originally entered just because I like swaps. I like fabric, and I like the idea of getting fabrics that you normally pick out, and then fall in love with.
I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all these fabrics and then we were at a family dinner and I saw Sisi playing with all her colors and I was like "DUH"

I followed this tutorial and made this quilt.

Isn't just about the cutest thing.

I used this rainbow fabric for the border thought it was perfect, it had all the colors and it was rainbow.
Took pictures of it and showed it to my sister in law.
It was then that I got a call saying that she loved it, she really did, she couldn't wait until her birthday
 and give it to her.
It was just....
The border had to go. She said that it looked to gay pride and it would bug her all the rest of her life when ever she looked at it. (something along that line)

Now that is not meant to be offensive, I am sure if I used green she might have said it was too Irish, holly berries, too Christmas, bunnies too Easter. Anyway instead of digging myself deeper, we will move on.

And speaking of Easter I used this super cute fabric one year for the girls Easter egg hunting dresses.
Yes I make dresses just for the Easter egg hunt.

I went to the store, and looked, and looked I found some cute pokey dots that had a black back ground, but she wanted something light.
I went to the cutting counter feeling defeated, with more of the sashing fabric to use for the new border.
I helped my sister cut her fabric, and just when we were about to walk away, I found this... 

I mean really, how cute are those colorful bubbles.
Problem solved, it is at the quilters now.

Her birthday is not until the end of April, so I will be back to tell you all how fabulous it all turned out.



In other news my friends have fallen in love with this rainbow quilt and have talked me into
 hosting a swap myself.

 Deep cleansing breath, I can do this I really can.
I will be back tomorrow with news on that.

So tell me the truth was it really to gay pride?
Yeah, I guess it was.


  1. What? A rainbow is a rainbow, while it may be is not strictly gay or delighted or gee whiz....I feel badly for your sister in law. Too gay this day and age? Now we have to be afraid of colors being offensive? Wow.

  2. I have said before- I liked the rainbow border. The best.

    But you did find the very best second choice. And, like I've said before, I LOVE the white on white polka dots. They match the dotty black squares. Genious.


  3. Beautiful quilt, love either border. The rainbow border was quite happy, so gay in the sense of it's old meaning it might have been but I loved it.

  4. The little ones are so adorable! Such beautiful children. Personally, I like both borders but I would have never thought about gay pride. I thought it was a beautiful rainbow and besides, we are all one to be loved.