Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Dress Done

The wedding dress is done.
It was picked up today for the wedding tomorrow.
I was so glad to be done with it I did not get a picture, so here is the pattern.

I tried to copy and paste it, I tried to add a photo, but it doesn't want to play the game.

For those of you who do not want to link over, it is a vintage Vogue pattern #V2962.
It is a halter top dress, and a tea length skirt.
I added four tulle skirts over the top to make it fluffy.
I also made (not in the picture) a long black sash to tie around her waist.

I hope that when she tries it on, it fits and everything is the way she imagined it would be.
When I made the muslin for it, it fit at the waist and was about four inches to big around her chest.
I took in two inches on each side so here is hoping.

If you think that this dress is beautiful (which it is) and you are on your way to Joann's to pick up the pattern a little FYI for you, this is the fullest skirt I have ever made. I even messed it up and lost some of the fullness and still the fullest skirt I have ever made. My industrial serger could not gather it in, and just so you know that is saying something, that thing is powerful. I was once again thankful for my grandmother and all the things she taught me, one of which was how to gather with a string. I am seriously going to have to teach you that one day.

When I get a picture from them, I will post it. Until then I am going to lay down in my bed and eat ice cream.

Then I have to clean my house because Grandma is coming tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE the pattern and can't wait to see a photo of the actual dress! The extra tulle will look so wonderful and a black sash is just the right accent! You are so very talented, Robyn!

  2. The pattern is beautiful! I can't wait to see the pictures of your dress!