Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swap Dos

We are full on swap one!!!
And swap two sorry

Thanks for playing I may need alternates,
so you can sign up for that.

SO exciting thank you so much.
This has been quite the learning experience, hopefully I have organized everyone correctly
 I guess only time will tell.
I have sent out emails to everyone, then I was notified that five of them have not gone threw.
If you joined and don't have an email from me send me an email directly so I know it will work.
I have tried Kelley like nine times all the different ways, didn't work.
My email is...

For group two this is the total so far.

Red (both spaces taken)
Hot pink
Pink (one space taken)
Orange (one space taken)
Kelly green (one space taken)
Lime green (both spaces taken)
Blue (both spaces taken)
Aqua (one space taken)
Purple (both spaces are taken)

So if you want in group two leave your comment here.
Since a post without a picture is boring here is picture of spring time last year
It had better start looking like this soon.
They say it is going to snow tomorrow for Baubi's track meet.


  1. We're still in the snow too and color would be a delightful diversion. I'd like to do red. Thanks!

  2. I would like to be a part of this I would like to do blue if available or any color just let me know.Thanks mknield @ gmail . com

  3. I would like to join. I would like the other red spot, please.

  4. Hi Robyn , I would like to participate :)
    my first choice would be Red if still open
    second choice Orange, third Yellow
    Just let me know
    Thank you again

  5. Am I the one aqua? If not sign me up there. :)

  6. I commented yesterday, but have not received any return e-mails.... I'm still interested, if you are willing to include Canadian swappers. Let me know what color is still needed....... or you can reach me through my blog.


  7. O.K. looks like I missed #1 Can I still do #2 swap? I will take which ever color you need me to and if you want I'll take two spots

  8. i can take a spot - not sure what's left but i'd take a pink. if they are all gone, i'll take whatever!

  9. You're nuts, sistah. I'm sticking with my reds in swap #1. I got your email and loved the email voice :)

    Also, I saw Baubs at the track today and I was freezing today, so I'll cross my fingers that it won't be any colder for you tomorrow. I must say, it may help her to run faster to get it all over with??

    Let me know if you need help with all the arranging and getting ready to ship details.

    Love ya

  10. Got your e-mail on hotmail. First one I sent to you did not go through. I think the second one must have gone. Hopefully it all works now. :)


  11. I'd like to take pink or orange or aqua :)

  12. If you have any spaces available -- I will take any color that needs takin' ;)

    mtretiakova at gmail dot com -- if you are already full - no worries.

  13. I thought I posted this morning, but something must have not worked.

    I'd love Kelly green, or yellow if there is still room.

  14. If there are any spots left, or if you are collecting a list of "alternates", and if you will swap to Canada I would love to participate.

    Please let me know!

  15. Can I still get in? I am not picky, which ever colors are left is ok with me :)

  16. I started getting my fabric, but still no email.
    my3djbeads at gmail dot com


  17. I'd like to participate. Any colors left?

    Marti in San Diego

    martilindsey (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. I would love to join. Looks like yellow is still available so I will take it...if it isn't than any color will work.

    Thanks Michelle in Washington

  19. Howdy! Let me know I can be an alternate if still needed!!

  20. I can be an alternate for any color - though my collection of 'warm' colors is quite bountiful. Yellow, orange, lime green - I can cover any of those on short notice!

  21. D'oh - I thought my email was automatically included: nutellanut at gmail dot com