Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks for playing, and swapping

Thanks to everyone who has come to play for my first swap.
I have told you all that I will be back in a couple of days with all the details,
that day will be Monday.

Things have been very crazy here, not only with the swap, but I had to finish a skirt order for a family friend.

The color is more true to the first two photos.

I made four skirts with three tulle skirts each, that is twelve tulle skirts total.
Plus four other skirts to complete the order.
Seven skirts total in case I lost anyone along the way.

Then my sister came over and I helped make skirts for her daughter.

So my week was sew a little, come check the computer, put everyone in their place with their matching color, go down sew a little more, check the computer, pick the girls up from school, check the computer, feed said children, check the computer, wonder why that email didn't go through either, kiss the husband, check the computer again.

Needlees to say I am tired and I am throwing a bridal shower for my sister tomorrow. For those following along at home, yes I know she got married six months ago, but I was a little busy making the
 twenty two flower girl dresses to find the time to throw her a shower, so we are doing it tomorrow for her six month anniversary. 
It is a surprise so it should be fun.

There have been some questions asked so here it goes.

I will be back on Monday with all the details.
You don't need to wash your fabric.
You don't have to buy your fabric at Joann, it was just a suggestion for the budget conscience.
This is Kelly green.
If in doubt this is a spring swap so think of bright spring colors.

OK, OK, I think that is it, I will see you all on Monday.
I am going to sleep now, thank you.

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  1. Wow, you have been extremely busy! Super sweet skirt. I can't believe you made 7 of them.