Friday, November 2, 2012

Lala's Fighting Snow White

This past spring we went to see Mirror Mirror.

Lala LOVED it.

That is what she wanted to be for Halloween.
She even said so as we were leaving the theater.

I begged her to let me make her the blue wedding dress,
or the Queen's wedding dress.
She said no, that she wanted to be the fighting Snow White.

I told her that no one would know who she was.
She didn't care, that is who she wanted to be.

So I made her dreams come true.

Her bucket is red like the apple, with little mirrors glued to it.

Her sword is from her Musketeer days,

I was right no one at school, or trick or treating knew who she was.

It didn't matter because she loved it.

Her cousin Jess kept on photo bombing every picture I was trying to take.
I finally gave up trying to get him to move, and let him be in the pictures.
They had so much fun together trick or treating.

I love that some of my kids best friends are their cousins.


  1. I JUST watched that movie last weekend it is on netflix! I think Snow looks like a pirate look myself! But hey kids want what they want right!

  2. I am loving each costume post. Halloween is so fun. And to think when I was a kid I wanted a costume out of a box from Kresge instead of the ones my mom sewed (that I wish I still had!).