Friday, November 2, 2012

The Babies

These are the costumes that I did not make,
at least not this year.

Baby Kate was Tinkerbell.

This was Lala's costume when she was a baby.

The Flash was confusing to this sweet baby,
so the rest of the photos are not the best.



Matching sparkle shoes.

My sister wanted to have little kilts made to match Merida.

Although I love my sister, and I am sure it would have been cute...
I was not going to play that game.

Since I work for a company that makes dress ups we went with that.

The twins love the color pink, and the color purple.

One is always pink, and the other purple.

Knowing that this option existed we went with this.

It is all they talked about,
being the pink and purple princess.  

That takes care of all the family costumes.

I did sleep well that night, and the next one too.

Until next year...

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