Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween '11

How was your Halloween?
The weather was perfect here yesterday, today is another story.
Yesterday the sun was shining and the birds were singing.
OK I don't know about the birds, but it was sweet.
Today the sun is gone, the clouds and rain are here, and the wind is blowing.

I am so glad that the weather was nice yesterday,
so that the girls didn't have to be bundled up hiding the costumes.

I don't know how many you made, but my grand total was eight.
I will start with the oldest and work my way down.
I am to lazy to picnic them all so bear with me.

She didn't know what she wanted to be until a month ago.
She decided on Robin Hood.
Funny story....
I didn't start making hers until Sunday.
I miss cut the skirt, (that is what I get for doing it on Sunday)
I made a matching green ruffle slip, that is what she wore to school.
I went Monday morning bought another yard of fabric, came home,
finished the skirt, rushed to her school to give her her new skirt.
On the way stopped to get gas, and locked my keys in the car.
Good times. 

My sister asked her son what he wanted to be for Halloween,
 and with out hesitation asked
"What is Baubi being"
He was Little John
(I did not make his costume)

It is fun to have cousins who love each other so much.

Is finally done with Cinderella, and wanted to be something spooky.
I made her be a Gray Ghost.
She wasn't sure about it, but she warmed up to it.
Pretty spooky, huh.

We painted her face white.

Her dress was gray satin and lace.

Like last year, her best friend Tai came to play along.
(I didn't make his either)
They had so much fun together.
Here they are playing dead.

She anounced this spring that she was over Arial, and liked Belle now,
So that is what we did.

I think that she looks pretty fabulous.

So does she.
I asked her if she liked it and she said...
"No I LOVE it"

Here she is twirling, because like I have said in the past,
she is our #1 twirler.

Baby Sister
Since she cut her hair this summer, we made her be Rupunzel with the short hair

I have a niece who is very girly and princess 100%,
but when my sister asked her what she wanted to be she said
some warrior princess from star wars the clone wars.
Now since she has naturally long blonde hair, we made her rapunzel with the long hair.

Yes I made them both.

My sister made her braid from a wig,
she even put lights in it so that it would gleem and glow.
Her natural hair goes down to about the second pink flower.

Now if you are keeping track at home we are to five costumes so far, here are the other three

(That is what Baby Sister calls her)

My sister has been planning for a year for my niece to be Mulan.
She gathered all the fabric.
She combined patterns.
She cut it out.
She started sewing it up...
and that is when my niece said NO!!!
She wanted to be something poofy,
she wanted a ball gown, and that is what she got.
we went through the stash and had all the fabric to make her a
Snow Queen
(or as she says a snow princess)

I combined two patterns, so that we could add some fuzzy trim.
Her skirt had six skirts, I am thinking that is poofy personified.

See her fancy sleeves.

She does have a pretty cute face,
could you say no to that face?

OK here are seven and eight..

The Chubbers
My sister has twin girls, and they are chubby little babies.
Everyone calls them the chubbers.
When you have two little girls, with cute chubby legs, and naturally curly hair,
there is only one thing they can be for Halloween and that is...
Shirley Temple
They were not quite sure what was going on.

Look at those legs, and those dimples for elbows.
So cute and squishy.

When we googled ShirleyTemple dress
there were two that came up the most. 

This polk a dot one.

And this pink ruffle skirt one.
She didn't want to leave her dad's side.
They were pretty funny trick or treaters.
they would hold on to their candy until they got to the next house,
then they would put it in their buckets, and hold onto that candy until the next house.

Now you know whay I have been away from this blog.
I will get back on it I promise.
To all my swappers, I will be going to the post office this week.
I promise.


  1. oh my gosh, you have been busy!! They all look fantastic :) What an adorable family, looks like they had lots of fun with their cousins. Adorable

  2. Holy Moley@!@ Eight... you are crazy. I was losing my mind making three.
    They all look amazing. Well done momma!

  3. WOW! I bow to you oh great one. I thought I was crazy making three renaissance gowns for my teenage daughters one year. But 8 costumes oh my! They look fantastic! Well done! And then to be doing these swaps on top of that. WOW!

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  5. Hi! You are a very prolific and accomplished seamstress. Makes me want to go out into my studio and start sewing NOW. Your amazing Riley Blake (orange peel?) quilt that we see all over Pinterest brought me over here. Just had to stop and say those little "Chubbers" are the cutest thing I've seen in a LONG time...and I've got 4 grandkids of my own! :-)
    Enjoy your holidays...