Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Number One

We are already down one vacation, and one more to go. They are both in the same place, our favorite place, the place that our children are always asking to go, and that place would be...

We have our houseboat in bullfrog, so if you are ever heading to Lake Powell and are on your way, look for this...

the actual bullfrog that the canyon is named after. See there in the mountain side, you can see it jumping.

We stayed in Iceberg canyon, and the man in the moon kept watch over us. Can you see his eyes and nose?
There are so many fun things to see and find, but the best has to be what you see at 6:30 in the morning.

The water is so still it is like a mirror, I love it.

This one actually fooled people when I asked which is the reflection, just so you know it is the bottom one.

Baubi went water skiing, look at her skinny legs.

Then she went wake boarding.

Gowyn loves the knee board and could be pulled behind the boat for hours on end. We tried to get her up on the wake board but as soon as she head planted on the water she was done.

Another "fun" activity is the tube as you can see by Baubi's face the term fun is used loosely.

The girls loved having a party on the boat. It has a stereo so they would sit on the boat and listen to music and get their party on.

This is what I did for the trip. I sewed all the circles for my quilt. I followed this tutorial. I did not want to pay $15 dollars for the one size circle I needed, so I got template plastic that is heat resistant and Martha Stewart's circle cutter and cut out 45 circles. I would sew them up in sets. See I knew that assembly line experience would come in handy.

I had it down to a system, templates circles, thread and a baggie to hold the done ones.

I had the girls paint on the starch, and then I would iron them with my tiny iron. I had my sister in law help, until she burned her finger. It was after that, that we realised the circles hold their shape better if you let them air dry. It is surprisingly easy when it is over 100 degrees and the wind is blowing.

This is the final count after a week. They are all in nice stacks of ten, and in rows of ten, so the total for the week was 481. I finished the rest on the way home. I am now in the process of sewing the circles onto the fabric. I have 168 done 420 to go.

For those of you who don't know what quilt I am speaking of I mentioned it here. I am entering this quilt in the Riley Blake quilt contest. I am needing it to be done by August 17. So wish me luck, if you want to know more about the contest check it out here.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! Love your vacation spot! And you are incredible with all those circles.