Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well hello there

I feel like I have been gone from here forever, I am not a very good blogger, 
I really need to remember to tell YOU what is going on.

School is out, and glad to say all the girls graduated from their classes and are moving up to the next level.
Baby sister by far had the cutest graduation, seriously what is cuter than graduating from preschool.
See told ya...

I told you about grandma Kath and papa Bill coming to visit, they are coming back in three weeks and the girls are all excited about it.

Then this crazy thing happened, I went to the Joann's, and wonder of wonders, I was alone, so I thought I would look at the quilting books, mostly because I could (it is impossible with small children with you) and I found this book, I fell in love with the quilt on the cover.

It is one of those things that I would look at, and think one day, when I am a better quilter, or one day when I have more time (like that is ever going to happen) I would love to make that quilt. I am sure we have all had those moments, where we try to talk our selves in and out of things that we know we could do, or want to do.

Then the day I found out about the wedding dress I found out about this competition. I was hoping to enter the apparel competition, I mean really I could have taken it, but I had to make a bride's dreams come true.

Then I was in bed one night about to go to sleep stewing over all these silly things (fancy quilt, contests, and a deadline) I thought to my self now is as good a time as any. So I have put on my big girl panties and have dived in.

The rules of the contest are make a quilt using Riley Blake fabrics, easy I mean really what is cuter than Riley Blake. I have decided to make this crazy quilt out of Lori Holt's new line of fabric,Sew Cherry. I think it is the perfect bit of vintage for this quilt, I am doing red for the rings, and white for the background. and I have a time frame to finish it. You see I always do better with a deadline, I will put things off until forever without one. That is why I stay up sewing until 3:00 am sewing Christmas dresses, but that is another story for a different day. This quilt needs to be finished before August 17. Please keep me in your prayers, I am going to need it. I will be coming back here to keep you up to date on the progress, and hopefully you can keep me motivated.

If you have made a quilt out of Riley Blake fabrics, and you think you want to take me on, go check it out here.


  1. Love the quilt and love Lori's fabrics. I think that will make the cutest quilt! My only question is. Have you lost your mind?! A double wedding ring quilt by August! I just started a double wedding ring for my daughter and my deadline is March and I'm wondering if I'll make it!

    All kidding aside...I can't wait to see your quilt and if you happen to have an EASY pattern then send it on to me!

  2. Erica I have totally lost my mind. I have finished all the patterned fabric circles. I am now ready to start sewing them on the red rings. Then I am thinking the petals next. I figure if I work on it constantly and ingnore my children for the summer I can make it.

  3. Holy cow this is going to blow away the competition! It is going to be fabulous. I want to see your progress as you go. Please post. I'm excited. This is going to be a fantastic quilt.

  4. I added that book to my Amazon wishlist based on the cover quilt, too! That design, and the amazing circle/square quilt. So incredibly modern, it's hard to believe they're almost 100 years old!