Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt Progress

You may remember from this post, I am trying to win this contest.

I have been stitching like a mad woman trying to get all the applique done.
For those of you who didn't want to link over, here is the deal.
My quilt started out having 588 circles; all hand appliqued, because if you are going to do it, do it right.

The idea of getting it all done in time became too over whelming, so I decided to take off the last row and make it square. In doing so it saved my fingers from having to sew on 108 circles.
Also all I am ever going to do with this quilt is to have it at the foot of my bed, so I also figured it would fit my bed better if it was only four rows.

I made fat quarters of the red fabric and then traced the wedge pattern and circles on the fabric.
I found this square frame at Joann's and it help immensely.

I would stitch them all on and felt like I was making progress every time I moved the frame along.

We went to a family dinner and my sister in law said.
"Robyn aren't you tired of those circles yet, because I am tired of looking at you with those circles"
Thankfully they are all done and I am moving on to the next step.

Here is photographic proof of the last stitch, on the last circle.

It is not really the last circle just the last colored circles. I still have 46 red circles to make.

I had said before that we realised that letting them air dry helped them keep their shape better. I am no longer on the lake with 100 degree weather and the wind blowing. So after pulling out the cinnamon rolls one morning I had an idea.

Why not put them in the hot oven to dry, so that is what we did.

Step one get the girls to paint on the homemade starch.

Place them in the oven, and wait about 8 min.

Let them cool, pop out the template.

A perfectly round little circle, and no need to iron.

I did iron the back to hold down the ruffles, but I think I am sold on this crazy way to make them.
when I did iron them they did not dry all the way, and they would get a little wonky,
 and no one wants a wonky circle.

The next step, is the petals and they are so sticking cute.
I almost didn't do them, I was thinking of having my quilter just do something fancy instead.

I was worried about my deadline and thought it might be OK with out them.

I am glad I stuck with the original plan.

I am loving them way too much.

We are heading back down to the lake, so I am going to be finishing it there.

The motors are going to be down for the first two days, so while we are hooked up to shore power I will be sewing. Good Looking told me once that sewing machines are not allowed on the lake. He changed his mind and said I could do what ever I wanted. He also said that I had better win the contest. I will be adding scissors, iron, thread, and sewing machine to the packing list.

Just to make you jealous one more time, here is an awesome picture of where I will be for the next week.


  1. I love the appliques and the colors you chose!

  2. Good choice on the petals. They are adorable.

  3. fantastic idea, lori's fabric is great with your pattern