Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tissue Box Cover

Like I said before my computer died.
I was downstairs helping a friend finish her 
daughter's prom dress.

Good Looking walked in the room and said the computer just died.
I thought he was teasing, much to my fear he was not.

My in law's friend is a computer guy,
 and since we got the computer from him.
we took it back to him to get it fixed.

While we were talking and catching up, his sweet wife 
look at me and said...

"Do you sew?"
My response was... 
"To know me, is to know that I sew"
"To know me well, is to know that I sew A LOT"

She asked me if I could help her with a project.

She and her husband had gone to a craft fair,
and she wanted to know if I could make a pattern for her.
I was thinking it might be something tricky like a basket, or a doll.

Instead it was a tissue box cover.
She had bought a bunch made out of holiday fabrics.
She really likes them, and wants to make them for her kids.
So thank you Leroy for fixing the computer, 
and thank you Evelyn for always being so sweet. 

Here is how you make it.
She didn't have one for the Fourth of July,
so I made mine out of star fabrics.

Cut one piece of fabric 18" x 15". 
I had the selvage edge on the 18" side.
That way I don't need to finish the edge.

Fold it in half, and mark 2" square on each side.

Cut away the square, and the sew down the side,
 and across the bottom

Line up the side fold and the bottom seam,
sew together 
and line up the other seam to the bottom seam.

You will end up with this nice little boxed bottom.

Fold it in half again and measure down 4"
mark 1/2" 

Sew in a button hole.
The sample did not have a button hole 
just a cut to make the opening for the ribbon.

I am too anal to put up with that, 
so I am finishing the edge and putting in a button hole.

Now you are going to hem the top.

You could do this with a seam guide, but I do not. 
I get a piece of card stock, and cut it the hem width I want.
Place it on the fabric, flip it over,

and press.  Go all the way around the top.

Now stitch the hem down, 
I did it a little less than a 1/4" from the selvage edge.

Turn it over and line up the next seam 
with the top of the button hole.

Now you have a casing the same size as the button hole.

Insert you ribbon

Remember to seal of the edge of the ribbon so that it will not fray.

(Funny story. 
I was trying to get this shot and everyone was gone,
so I was pressing the camera button with my chin 
and totally singed off the edge my bangs.)

Insert tissue box 

Cinch in the ribbon and tie your bow.

Just like that you have the cutest tissue box on the block.

After all is said and done I think I might make the hem 2 1/4" or 2 1/2 " 
It looks a little saggy there on the top. 
It's up to you.

Now if you are thinking you might not want to dress up your tissues.
I was thinking you could recycle your tissue box, 
by cutting off the top of the box.

Then you would have a trinket box for the little ones to keep all their stuff.

I am thinking that way because Baby sister likes tiny things,
 and they are getting everywhere in my house. 
 To have a nice little box that she could keep 
those things in sounds like a deal to me.


  1. How cute! What a great idea. And a great gift. For ages I've thought how ugly tissue boxes are. This is perfect.

  2. That is too cute!! Just as a word of caution, we have a baby sister here, too, and she LOVES boxes to put her little things in. In fact, she has more boxes than little things now I think!! :)