Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Sister is FIVE!!!

It happens today,
Baby Sister turns FIVE.

I know every mother says this, but really where has the time gone.

She is definitively the craziest thing I have ever made.
Her favorite place in the world is the gas station.

She is full of fun and happiness.
Everyone is her "best friend"

Her favorite color is orange, because...
"orange is a happy color"

She is the only one I know who can turn her tongue upside down.

She is perfect, happy, fun, and awesome in every way.
Glad you are here, and you are mine.
Love you.


  1. Happy birthday to the youngest sister!! Hope you have a fantastic day! Great pictures :)

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Sister!!! May all her dreams come true! I agree, time flies WAY to fast!!

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday baby sister!!

  4. She is darling. What a great birthday. My son's birthday was yesterday so they are a day apart. But he is 17. Baby Eliza is sick. She's got a fever and they've put her back on oxygen and stopped bottle feeds for now. She's on antibiotics. I'm glad now that she didn't come home yet. I'm glad she is there where she can be cared for. It just lets me know her life is still fragile. They are going to do another heart echo test on her too. Anyway I wanted you to know. Thanks for always listening.