Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The packages are in the mail and on their way.
Hopefully you will have them by the weekend.

I would first like to thank everyone for their kind words,
it really did make me feel better.

Second I would like to apologize for the label 
on your swap packages.
I took a picture and everything so you could see how uncute they are,
(The computer died on Friday and after being fixed
 it doesn't want to find my pictures.)

Anyway I made a cute little label,
sent it to the husband to print it off for me at his work.
They came back not as I designed them, but just like a man did it.
I promise it was going to be cuter.

Anyway it doesn't matter, 
all that matters is that you are getting your fabric. 

My friend Kim brown who is fabulous and was in every swap,
made her first rainbow quilt.
I am able to show you those pics,
I guess the computer likes those pictures.

Here is the front, 
I mean really what is cuter than that?

Here is the back,
the grey and yellow dots are suppose to look like moons.
Did you notice that the quilting looks like clouds.

How cute is her label.
She embroidered it and everything.
She is so good.

Here is a close up for good measure.


If you make one let us know.

I hope you have a great weekend.
I am going to the midnight showing of Hunger Games with Baubi.
She is so excited.
I am looking forward to sleeping all weekend to make up for it.


  1. Glad all is well now and so happy to see that fabric is on its way.. Yipeeee, I'll be busy this weekend... Thanks so much for going through all this hard work to make this work out ... you're a doll...


  2. That quilt is GORGEOUS!! I just may have to do a zigzag with my swap goodies!

    Thanks again for hosting the swap. I would love to see the lovely orangeness you create for your sister.


  3. Thanks for bragging me up on your blog. I feel so important now :)

    If I were still blogging regularly, I owe you a HUGE shout out for placing the zipper and making the poof for the prom dress! Thanks again for helping me out with the hard parts on that.

    Love ya!


  4. I love those quilts and can't wait to see all te fantastic fabric!! I am so glad to hear all is restored to order! Have a great time at the movie, I'm excited to go next week with hubby!

  5. YA! I can't wait!! :) Thanks again for being such a great hostess!!

  6. HI There, LOOOVVVEEEEE this rainbow quilt!! I've been wanting to use up my scraps and have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt for a while now. Do you have a pattern or tutorial for it that you are will to share? My email address is

    Thanks SO much!!