Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Start you engines,or fingers what ever.

Today is the day!
It is snowing, and gloomy.
So let's get swapping.

If you are new, I will let you know what I am talking about.
Every spring I host a color charm swap.
It goes like this.

You go to the store (or your stash) and get ten fabrics of the same color.
All you need is 1/4 yard, or a fat quarter.
Go home and cut them up into four inch squares.

You then send me your cut squares in a SASE
(self addressed stamped envelope)

I take your fabrics, I do the little shuffle and you get back
200 different fabrics all the colors of the rainbow.

Now I am not going to lie to you.
I have had problems in the past.
I am trying something different this year,

I have set up a spread sheet in Google.

Follow the link, choose your color,
and add your info.

Now if you want to be in different swaps,
you can with out fear of being lost in the shuffle.
I am going to have three swaps this time.

Here are the links

Just a reminder the colors are 
Hot pink
Light Pink
Lime Green
Kelly Green
Aqua Blue
Royal Blue

Also just a reminder,

This is NOT Yellow

This is

This is not Green

This is

This is not Orange

Yep you got it, this is.

I am excited to try out my new spread sheet system.
I hope it really helps keep everything straight.

OK are you ready,
Get set,
  Oh one more thing the deadline is going to be March 7th
I am going to Hawaii on the 4th of April and I have to have this all 100% done.

Oh and one more, one more thing, I am happy to have international swappers
It makes it a lot more fun. If you are planning on plying with us, I did have to change thing up for you this time.

 There will be a fee of sorts, I have to have in my Paypal account the shipping funds before I will mail your package to you, and with fees and such from Paypal the fees are going to be this. 
$13.00 US for Canada and 
$20.00 US for everyone else. 
I will send it back to you in a  priority package with a tracking number.
I hope this doesn't count you out but I had a hard time getting paid back last time.
OK, now lets go.


  1. I just wanted to double check and ask: how many squares of each fabric should we have? I'm assuming 20.

  2. I am all signed up and ready to go! Will go out this weekend and ummm have a great time at the store!! LOL

  3. Awesome swap! Just to clarify - are paypal and fees just for international? Also, is it fine to combine for shipping if doing more than one group?

    1. Yes the pay pal thing is just for international swappers. I know from personal experience that two swaps will fit in a priority envelope, three is pushing it.

  4. I am super excited to swap again!!! Such fun to get it back in the mail! :)

  5. Ok, I'm ready to ship. What's you address?

  6. Also ready to ship, just need an address.

  7. I know I'm an idiot but I am new to this... so I need 10 different fabrics of a certain color ? What am I missing. I am so sorry.. I really want to do this..

    1. Carri you are right you are not an idiot. This is how it goes, you click on the link, and pick a color. Then you go to the store and buy ten fabrics of that color. Come home and cut the ten fabrics into 200 4" squares, 20 squares from each piece of fabric. Put them in the mail with a self addressed stamped envelope and mail them to me. I take your fabrics play the shuffle game and send you back 200 different fabrics all the colors of the rainbow. So first things first go pick a color and I will send you an email with all the nitty gritty details.

  8. I am super excited about the swap (I signed up in group #3). I'm not sure that I understand how much money to deposit in your paypal account? Is there a flicker group we need to post our fabric choices in?