Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ayumi Bag

Do you know Lori and Monica?
They are my favorites,
I love how fun and crazy Monica is 
and I made my quilt from Lori's first fabric line.

Last week they posted about these super cute bags they were both making.
They made it so fun by swapping each others fabrics and treats.

I saw what fun they were having and thought I would give the bag a try.
I was already at the Joann's buying fabric for the swap.
I found a super cute fat quarter bundle.
Came home and went to work and Lala got this bag.

I was trying to get the fairy on the bottom of the bag 
to be in the center.
I did not account for the boxed corners.

What I think is so fun about this little bag is the 
drawstring bag sewn into the top.

See adorable, and I don't have to worry about 
her running and things falling out.
Not that I really have to worry about that, but still.

I also love that it is fully lined.
How cute are the fairy wands.

Now I wish I could say that I was done 
with one bag and we could move on.

I went crazy, and made this one for me.

I took my scraps from my quilt,
pieced them together, and voila the cutest thing ever.

I did contrasting bands and I love it.

Lined it with this super cute daisy.

I think it is fabulous, it is currently holding my smocking.
All the girls including Baubi are getting smocked dresses for Easter.

I wasn't done though.

I then called my sister and told her she needed to make one too.

She was suppose to get five fat quarters and got six instead.

She said that I had to use all of them and
she wanted me to line the drawstring part.

I didn't want to do, but now I like it better.

Super cute insides.

I am loving this way to much.

Then on Saturday Baubi came into my sewing room 
wanting to know how to sew a dress.

The amazing part of that whole sentence 
is the fact that she doesn't sew.

She has fought with me every time I try to get her to sew,
and has told me "Why do I have to learn when I have you"

I told her she should start with a bag 
instead of jumping all the way to a dress.

So here is her's.

I was gifted this fabric and it sparkles, 
all the best things for a teenage girl.

It is kind of hard to see but it really does sparkle a lot.

Even the lining.

Look at how cute she is.
Please look at her and not my messy room.

I told you not to look at the mess behind her,
or the mess around her either.

I still have more to say about this,
 but it is going to have to wait for later.

I have to go meet with Baubi's school counselor.
She starts High School in the fall.
How did that even happen.


  1. Ok....I need one for my cross-stitch and crocheting....yep, I do. Happy Birthday, Grandma Kath! Love, you get it? Love you....And Aubrey Del...I am so pleased with your decision to learn to sew! See? It is what we talked about, huh? Creating great you.

  2. Wow Robyn....I don't know what to comment about first...what a fab post!
    First off...I think it's soooo great that your daughter is wanting to sew now and her bag turned out just adorable:)
    Next...all of your bags turned out extra darling too!!!!
    Last but not least...OMGosh!!!!...I love the pieced Sew Cherry bag so much....I want one just like it!!! it all Robyn:)

    1. OH MY GOSH!!! You like me, you really like me. I guess I watched to many Oscar stories yesterday. I cut my squares 2 1/2" and then added another row to the bottom, so it is longer than the original bag. More space to hold all the sewing stuff. I am glad that you approved, it means more than you could know.

  3. Your bags and fabric choices are marvelous! I can't wait to try my hand at one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a cute bag, I love the drawstring and the fabrics you choose!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. So cute! I'll have to try making one. Stopping by from Creative me to say hi & check out the cute projects!

  6. What a fabulous shaped bag, especially with the drawstring!!! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. I love all of your fabric choices... great combinations!!! I would love for you to share this at our ongoing themed linky that's just for Bags and Totes...

  7. Stopped by from your link on A Vision to Remember. Gorgeous bags - really love them.

  8. Squealing with delight over all the bags! I love them all, but the pieced Sew Cherry and the Fly A Kite one has me weeping a little. Seeing your daughter following in your footsteps, Robyn... that is just a big ol bucket of happy tears!