Thursday, February 9, 2012

What to do, what to do

Have you seen what is going on over at 
Family Ever After?
I follow the sewing competitions
and I always wish it was me.

I think it would be so much fun.

I never think of my self as a competitive person,
but when it comes to my sewing I am.

I think I am awesome, and I think I should win.
(self empowerment is everything right)

First step is to link up.

Then you have to get noticed by the judges.

Those judges are going to be tough.
I am not to worried about some of the competition. 
I am sorry but I don't think the lady who made the napkins is going to make it.

I don't think they are looking for quilters,
so that narrows down the field.

So far there are 102 entries,
only ten are going to be chosen to go on to compete.

So here I am wondering what to do,
what to link,
what would best show the judges what I can do.

I could show some casual stuff.
Like skirts

I could show off my fancy Easter dresses,
from last year.

Maybe Christmas dresses

I could really rock their world,
 and show off my heirloom sewing.


I can not forget Halloween, 
because if you know me, you know I get a little crazy there.

Well that is all I can think of now. 
I am sure when it is all said and done, 
I will think of five other thing I could have posted.

Wish me luck, I hope I make it.

In other news I am going to Hawaii in April
I want to have the Spring swap done, and done before I leave.
Get ready it is coming. 

Can I just say once again that I am not a technical person.
In blogger the pictures were all organized side by side,
and then when I hit preview it is skwampous.
Sorry, I really tried but the computer doesn't think like I do.


  1. your stuff is all great, how could you not win!? I'm your polar opposite. I'm so not competitive with my sewing/quilts. I don't even like to take them to a quilt show that judges.

  2. You are amazing! They have to accept you and I am sure you will win! I have no idea what to say about which to choose. I have to say you have such a variety of sewing abilities! The heirloom sewing certainly knocked my socks off (I don't know of anyone else who can do that kind of work), but somehow the pic of the two little girls in the Shirley Temple dresses just melts me. I love those dresses sooooo much!!! My wee one is 4 and I keep trying to figure out how I can swing that for a 4 year old? It's just not the same on a 4 yr. old I guess.

    1. I think you could totally pull of Shirley Temple for a four year old. My sister tried watching Shirley Temple movies with her four year old so that she could know who her sister's were going to be, she didn't get it or like it at all. They were watching "The Little Princess" and she kept asking where the princess was.

  3. I can even make napkins and I have only been sewing for a year! LOL!! Your stuff is beautiful!! I think I would add quilts into the mix, it shows versatility!! At any rate, ummm did you say swap... hangin on pins and needles, I'm ready!!!

  4. All utterly gorgeous!! Best of luck!
    And yes, I'm a bit jealous of Hawaii :)

  5. Whatever you submit, I look forward to watching the 'competition' in April cuz YOU'RE AWESOME!

  6. Whoa. Impressive stuff. But I warn you: I DIDNT make napkins. And I talk a lot of smack in sewing competitions.
    If you're ready to bring it, I look forward to (potentially) competing against you in April.
    Cause yeah...your stuff is awesome.

    But my stuff is better.

    Hehehe ;)

    1. OK Shannon I went and checked you out and you are right you do have awesome skills, and I am so jealous of your photo skills. I still think I can totally whip you though when it comes to sewing so bring it. :)

  7. Love your smocked dresses. I used to teach smocking at Gentler Times (Do you remember that lovely store?) I still miss it and smocking. My girls are all grown now and I am eagerly awaiting grandchildren.