Friday, May 18, 2012

Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival Entry

Amy's Creative Side

Are you playing along with Amy?
I thought I would share my Christmas quilts that Grandma Kath and I made.
Here is the story of how they came to be.
Last year I found out about Monica of The Happy Zombie.
I love her, her posts are so funny, and she knows her stuff.
Not to mention how CUTE her fabrics are.

Last year she posted her quilt called Rectangle Reverie.
I fell in love with it, I had been buying red and white Christmas fabric for years.
Every year I would go the Joann's and get whatever red and white fabric they had.
When I saw Monica's quilt I knew that I was finally going to put my collection to good use.

At this same time Grandma Kath wanted to make quilts for her daughter's.
She has never made a quilt and wanted to learn how.
I figured that this would be an easy one, with no corner's to match.

Since the pattern calls for ten fat quarters, and I had ten half yard pieces,
we made two red ones. Then headed down to our friendly neighborhood Joann's.
When we got there we found all the Christmas fabrics on sale 90% off,
add with Kath's teacher discount, are you kidding me!!!  

Kath liked the Debbie Mum's best, so that is what we got for the other two.

Did you want to see?

This one is mine, how cute is it!

Here is the back

My little back patch with all the fabrics from the front.

I love it and can't wait to make some more.

Here is the quilting, Picnik didn't like my pictures this morning, so I couldn't highlight it.
The red ones got snow flakes.

The Debbie Mum's got holly berries and stuff.

I am so happy with how they turned out.

Go on over to Amy's blog and see what everyone's been up to.


  1. They are so visually stunning all in a row like that! Beautiful quilts.

  2. Wow! not 1 but 4 fantastic quilts! I love how this design really shows off the fabric -I'm filing this idea away. I'd love to do a quilt like this~

  3. Beautiful quilts and great art photo all of them together!

  4. awesome modern and many!

    margaret gunn

  5. 4 from the desire for 1! I love it, they are all so pretty.

  6. why buy a FQ when you can buy a yard!
    they are all beautiful

  7. Your quilts are spectacular! I really love them. The fabrics work great together. And the red one can also be used for Valentine's Day. : )

  8. The quilting is fabulous! They are all beautiful!

  9. They are fabulous!!! I love the red and white and also love a good discount on fabric! Terrific quilts!!

  10. fantastic!! four of the same and all wonderful and beautiful. great story, too. and love the quilting. how fun to do it with gramma! thanks for sharing and have a great day

  11. I nominated you for favorite group / bee quilt. I hope you win!!

  12. Love them. I think the pattern is a classic. I love how it shows off the different fabrics.

  13. Wow, that's the prettiest production line I've ever seen! Gorgeous work, kudos to you both for a job very well done!

  14. So many pretty quilts all in a row. These are works of art. Love that you were able to teach your Grandma how to quilt. And, wow, you really got a bargain at JoAnn's.