Monday, June 4, 2012

Lala's Baptism Dress

Lala was baptized on Saturday.
It was a very special day for all of us.
She was so happy, and excited, and nervous, and scared....
all at the same time.

I was making her dresses until 3:30 in the am day of the baptism.
I started sewing on Thursday.
Grandma Kath was here to watch the girls.
She had the girls deep cleaning all day,
 so that everything was sparkling clean on Saturday.
I finished her confirmation dress on Thursday.
(the one she wore after the baptism)

The lace for Lala's baptism dress did not come until Thursday afternoon.

Thursday night I started on a blessing outfit for grandma Kath's grandson in Arizona.
He was being blessed on Sunday morning at 8:00 in the morning.
It was kind of important that I not forget that one.
The sad thing is that I did forget to a picture, before it flew to Arizona.

Needless to say it was a busy sewing week (or two days) for me.

So did you want to see what I did?

Do ya?

Yeah I thought so...

She did not want a jumper like Lizzy's,
she wanted a dress.

She is pretty sweet. 
I really like the way she is pointing her feet.

Instead of a CTR crest I shadow embroidered eight little lily flowers.
I thought about piecing in lace around the waist,
but it was around midnight at that time and I thought it would be OK with out it.
At 3:00 I changed my mind and made a belt with lace and ribbon.

Here are her very big sleeves,  Anne would be so pleased.
Like I always do there is one pin-tuck for each member of the family.
Because her family will always have their arms open to her.
Get it.

The lace we were waiting for was this lace, it has lily flowers on it.
This is the hem of her dress. 
There on the top are the three tucks that stand for the God Head.
To remember to always have the lord with her through all the step of her life.
Get it down there by her feet.

Here is the back with her sash/belt.
That is suppose to represent the temple clothes.
Baptism is her first covenant with the Lord, and the Temple the second.
Look at that cute foot.

She is our #1 twirler.
When ever I make her a dress or a skirt, she wants to make sure it is going to twirl.

Here she is with her Dad.

It was a great day.

I had to give a little talk a spotlight about her.
I told how she was a difficult baby, who only wanted to sleep in the crook of my arm.
She couldn't just sleep next to me, she had to be in my arm.
I got so used to her sleeping there, that if she ever fell asleep next to me 
It would knock me out, just listening to her breathing.
Then I shared this story that upset my two oldest.

I was once asked who my favorite was.
I said that you can't have favorites,
I really like Lill.

Like I said you can't have favorites.

She is at a birthday party and I need to go get her,
So I will post her other dress in a little bit. 


  1. Such a very pretty and special dress! LOVE the lace and the embroidery!

  2. She's a beautiful girl in a charming dress! What an awesome mommy! Blessings!

  3. I tell my kids I have a favorite Kaelynn, a favorite Lillian, and a favorite Darien!! It's the truth!!! :)
    I LOVE the pic of her twirling! She just radiates!! You have so much to be proud of!!

  4. Oh my gosh it is so sweet. And so is she. I thought about you on Saturday and hoped the dress and all went well. Of course it did. Nice job. If we could only keep them 8 forever.

  5. Great dress! Congrats on the baptism!

  6. This dress--and story--is so lovely. I did a hand-sewn dress for my daughter and loved every minute of the sewing. No, her daughter didn't wear it for her baptism, but that's okay (I have older children now) for like you, it was a token of my love for her. As I stitched I thought about her life and the steps she had taken and the steps ahead.

    Like I said, this was a lovely, lovely post. With a lovely girl in her dress!

    Elizabeth E.

  7. So gorgeous... and I'm sure her Baptism was a wonderful day.. it always so great to go to someone's Baptism and feel the spirit there.. I really love it... so,so, pretty...