Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Tutus

Like I said yesterday I made the flower girls Tutus

You may think this is silly.

 I know my daughter, and all though I would like to think I am raising a princess, 
I'm not she is a little girl.

She is a little girl who thinks her clothes are napkins.
and that there is nothing special about the dresses I make.

I am sure she thinks that all moms do what I do.
That all girls get dresses like she does.

At least that is what I tell myself, when I see them in a pile on her floor.

Just as a reminder the girls got these beautiful,
floor length,
raw silk from India,

So for the reception I had them change into this. 

How cute are they.

OK they aren't really tutus, more of a modern take on a tutu.
I used this pattern, it has fishing line in the hem. 

Makes them all cute, curly, and fluffy.

My friend has a silhouette machine,
 and she very kindly made the "P"

"P" is for the brides new last name.

Here is proof about what a wise woman I am.

There she is covered in shaving cream.

Now imagine for a second that she is in silk.

Are you having a heart attack yet?

The skirts are full circle skirts and were so fun to dance in.

Something to think about before your next wedding.

It was such a good day.

They are the best couple ever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

There Was a Wedding

I realize I haven't been her much but...

There was a Wedding.

Good Looking's niece Ashley was married to her perfect match Chase one Saturday.

Believe it or not, I did some sewing for the event.

I am thinking that this story might have to be broken up into a few posts.

Let's see what should we start with?

How about the dresses I sewed.

It was only six dresses, three tutus, and one skirt, 
nothing close to the twenty two I did before.

Dress number one was a Jr. Bridesmaid dress.
Ashley's step sister needed  a dress.
I volunteered my services.

I remembered as she was walking down the aisle, 
that I never took a picture of her, or the dress.
Then I forgot to get another picture of it.

Front and Back. 

The bridesmaids had floor length gowns, so I did the same for her.
It was fabulous, I should have taken better pics.

The flower girls were spoiled rotten in raw silk.

Front and Back 
Again with the floor length.

The pattern is by Susan Stewart, it is my new favorite.
The original pattern had pleats in the bodice,
 but the bride did not like them, or the sleeves.

They are beautiful beyond compare.

Now my other girls were not officially part of the wedding.

I couldn't just let them show up in anything.

I mean emerald green was the wedding color, 
and if you know the wedding color,
 and you are going to be in the pictures you should match right. 

(in the following pictures the dresses look teal, but they are really emerald green)

Baubi got this "retro" dress.
it is a simplicity pattern that looks like it has been discontinued
 because I couldn't find it.

Gowyn wanted this dress because it has pockets in the front.
See how you can't see her thumb, that is where the pocket is.

It is so cute and fluffy.
I love that Susan Stewart.

I made myself a pleated satin skirt.

I was looking for a picture, 
but the only ones I could find were of me sitting down.

You can't get a good idea from me sitting down.

The girls are in the tub and I need to get them ready for bed,
so I will tell you about the tutus later.

They are fabulous.