Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am Trying

I was going to write a new post for today...
and then life happened and the camera died.

It is hard to write a tutorial with out a camera.
My camera forgot that and decided it was done before I was.

I was going to show you another project to do with your 
Christmas Swap fabrics.

It is turning out pretty cute but it will have to wait for another day.

In other news I messed up my swap.
I know you may not be surprised about it.
While copying and pasting,
 I pasted when I was suppose to copy.
In doing so I lost Virginia, and Jessisca's email addresses.
I would have told you personally, but it is hard with out an email.
If you could so kindly click back over, and reenter it I will try not to loose it again.

I still need five more people to complete my swap.
If you thought about it and were wavering,
it is still open and you can still play.
If you know someone who might want to play please, send them my way.

I will try to get my pictures all done and edited for you tomorrow.
I really think you are going to like it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I thought you might like a little inspiration on this fine summer day.

Yes I know that they are Christmas stockings, and that the need for super cute
Christmas stockings is months away. 

I did make this very nice tutorial for you to make some of your own.

I am also currently having a Christmas fabric swap going on right now.
That way you can make these very cute stockings.

I had so much fun with this swap last year, and I know you would too.

At the present moment I have a grand total of
 three people signed up for my swap. 

I need at least twenty people to have a swap.
So that means that I need to have seventeen more people to sign up.

Click there, put in your name, and go shopping.
I promise you will not regret it.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Christmas in July

Sew Festive Handmade

Have you heard about this party going on?
I thought it would be so much fun to play along.

You may remember this post.
I did have my swap, and I did get my fabrics.
 They were adorable and just what I needed.
The only problem was that it was only 200 fabrics.
I know one would think that would be enough.
For a normal person that would be enough.
My quilt however requires 525 circles.
I really wanted 525 different circles.

I did finally start making my circles.

Aren't they adorable.
I made them this past week while on vacation.

They were used as the poker chips.

I hear that the red ones were worth the least, and the blue the most.

I finished the last of the circles last night.

I was at the hospital with Good Looking.
He thought it might be fun to throw out his back 10 days ago.
Since it wasn't getting any better we spent eight hours at the ER.

Good times....good times.
He has two, not one but two blown disks.

The good news is that the last of the circles are done.
They are air drying on the deck.
It shouldn't take long since it is 95 degrees outside.

I sprayed them with the homemade starch

It was faster then painting them with the starch, and worked fabulous.

One of my favorites, because with a name like Robyn...

I know you want some for yourself.
You may not have a need for 525 circles but you know you want
at least 200 4" squares.

The rules are as follows

Go to the store, or to your stash and get 10 Christmas fabrics
You will need 1/4 yard or a fat quarter of each one.

Cut them up into 20 4" squares.
I provided you with a tutorial here.

Show your love for me by sorting them into twenty separate piles.
Although I love doing these swaps, I do not love touching 2,000 separate pieces of fabric.

Place your precious cargo into a self addressed stamped envelope.
Send it to me, I will shuffle them around, 
and send you back 200 different fabrics for all of your Christmas crafting needs.

I know you want to do it.

Click on it, leave your name and email, and I will send you more detailed info.

I am hoping that we can have more then one swap, so tell your friends and family.

I hope you have a great day.