Monday, August 6, 2012

My Summer Break

This summer has been crazy.
I am sure we would all say that.
I mean really, it is August already.

One would think that I would be blogging more than I have.
I mean it is summer, and we really don't have a pressing scheduled.

This is what happened to me over summer break.

I got a job.

I worked up until the day before Baubi was born,
and she was ten days late.
After that being a mom was my job. 
it has been my full time crazy job for almost 15 years.

I was not looking for this job,
it came and found me.

I used to work for a friend who made coats.
She had a store at one of the ski resorts and her company made coats.
When Baubi was a baby I would sew her hats.
She had matching hats for her coats, 
and that is what I would sew for her while Baubi would be 
sleeping an playing in her crib. 
I did it for several years and then stopped about six years ago. 

In June I got a call from her.
I saw her name on my phone and thought...
Does she need hats?

Nope she was working for another company, and they needed a part time seamstress.
their full time one wanted to stay home with her son during summer break,
they needed someone to fill in for her three days a week.
I was honestly flabbergasted. 
I told her that I had to talk to Good Looking about it.

Now as some of you may know being a stay at home mom is not a lucrative position.
We have been trying to get out of debt and this little part time job would certainly help on that front.
I went in for the interview my first in over seventeen years.
I am sure I must have sounded like a dork.
When I heard that other people were coming in for the position,
I got competitive about it.
Now I am normally not a very competitive person.
When it comes to my sewing ability, I guess I get a little defensive about it.
I sent her an email and apologized for being a dork,
and telling her again how awesome I am.

Well you already know the rest of the story because I told you.
I got the job.
I work for this company, I get to make dress ups all day long.
I get to be covered in sequins, and sparkles.
I get to make all the cute fluffy things and get paid for it.
The only bad thing is I had to sign a 
non-compete, nondisclosure.

Oh the things I could be putting on this blog, you would die 
from cuteness, and I am not even lying. 

As you can tell from my posting, 
I have not conquered the world of a working mom.
I am tired and grouchy.
I feel like the girls are losing a little bit of their innocence, and it is my fault.
I guess that is the quandary of all working moms.
How to make it all work.
I do have somethings to show,
 and I still have openings in my swap if you want to play.

I want to say that I will be back tomorrow with a new post and a tutorial.
But part of me thinks their will be a breakdown somewhere in the day,
 and that plan will be for naught.

We will see how that goes.


  1. Well, I'm still here, waiting for your fabulous quilting to return. Can't wait to see what is in store for us.

  2. As a working mom I so can understand. I feel for you. It is a tough transition and a hard balancing act. Plus you are doing professionally what you do for a hobby. That would be hard for me to sew all day and then want to sew at night. The dress ups are really really cute. good for you. I hope this works well for you.