Sunday, August 19, 2012

Erin's Blessing Dress

My sister Vicki has a best friend.
We grew up across the street from her.
They were even born one day apart from each other.
First Vicki and then Erin
They have been best friends ever since.
Our parents have been friends since college.
What I am trying to say is that we go way back.

Two years ago when my sister got married Erin followed right behind her.
She was married last year.
When my sister got pregnant this year,
Erin was right behind her again.

Vicki had her baby girl on the 31st.
Erin is going to be having her baby girl next month.
I am sure that those two will be best friend also.

It has been so fun seeing the two of them sharing each step along the way.

Erin's baby shower was yesterday.
I have been thinking about what I could make for her.
I mean she is just like family.

I called her on Thursday to see if I could make her a blessing dress.
She was blown away with the offer.
She was offered a family dress but didn't really like it.

I cut out the dress on Friday,
sewed it up on Saturday, just in time for the shower.

There they are (Erin and the dress)
She always makes that face, and I am glad that I got it on camera.

Here is the dress alone.
It is a full length princess dress, it has a 34" long skirt.

The fabrics are satin and sheer.
The sheer is embroidered with this lattice pattern, 
and there are sequin flowers on the center of the points

You can see it sparkle a little more in this picture.
Erin has a very sparkly  personality, 
and so I had to use this sparkly fabric for the dress.

Erin is also very tall,
I am standing on my tippy toes just as much
 as she is squatting, and she is still taller than me.

She was so happy about the dress, 
and I was so happy I got to make it for her.

Her older sister is my same age 
and is due with her first daughter the same day as Erin.
I get to make her dress too.
 I will show you that one when it is done.

My sister Vicki's dress is going to take a little extra time. 
It is full of shadow embroidery. 
It will be fabulous when it is done.
Don't worry I won't let you miss out on that one.

I hope you had a great weekend as you can see 
I finished my weekend sewing projects.
I hope you did too.


  1. What a lovely story and how great to be able to make dresses for your sister and friends. The dress is utterly beautiful!

  2. Just lovely to see a friendship like that... and I have to say your talent is just amazing I am always in awe of what you are able to create.. Such a blessing to be so talented.. and you make such good use of it.. Beautiful just doesn't do it justice... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


  3. Wow this dress is beautiful!