Friday, September 30, 2011

I Messed It Up Again

Every once in a while I think I can do things.
I think that I can take on projects, and not mess them up.
The last time I did a swap, I SO messed it up.
For this fall swap I thought I had it all figured out.
I thought I could keep it all straight.
See the continuing problem is...
I thought.
Now I have messed it up again.
Not only did I mess it up, I ruined it for a cute Grandma.
Her name is Patty.
She said that she wanted to have burgundy, and then I got distracted trying to explain the big flower tutorial to her and forgot to go back and put her on the list.

Now sweet Patty is at home with all of her burgundy squares
 and no place for her in my swap.
I know am the biggest looser here.
I can't just add her, because then the numbers would be messed up.
I could have her send them to me and I just hold on to them for a year, and then she has her spot for next years fall swap guaranteed.
But who is going to want to wait a year, 365 days, 52 weeks.

To make up for all my foolishness I am going to have one more make up swap.
If you wanted to do my swap, and didn't make it, now is your chance.
If you did my swap and want to double up on the fall fabrics, now is your chance.
If you feel bad for my sweet Patty and you want to help her out, now is your chance.
If you want to let me know that I am a looser, now is your chance.

Here are the rules for this swap.
The deadline is going to come fast, so we can get it done and to Patty.
If you want in let me know what color you want, and then go to the store this weekend,
 and get it in the mail next week.
I am going to set the deadline as October 15.
There is going to be another fat quarter sale at Joann's on the 7-10.
If you think that money is an issue you can get all your fabrics for just over ten dollars.
You can review colors here, you can see the basic rules here.

Thank you for saving my life here, and thank you for helping out sweet Patty.


  1. I'd be happy to do another swap to help out Patty - just not tan this time, please! :)

  2. I do too -- is orange ok? let me know

  3. I would love to do it too...could I have brown this time :)

  4. YES!! I get in right!! hehe this was meant to be! Please just let me know what colour! I am game for whatever!! Thank you SOOO much! Your biggest loser moment is our biggest winner moment! (but sorry you have to do so much work!)

  5. You can put me down as a "stand-by" if you need one more person to make this work. Just let me know whatever color is left over. I just did burgundy so I know I won't repeat :)

  6. I have extra of the "Sage" color that I had for the first swap in this series. I can do another set of the Sage if you'd like. Would it need to be another twenty squares per piece of fabric? Also, I have had to get a new computer, and the old one is the one that had your mailing address on it. Would you mind emailing me your address again? Thanks!

    savedbygracedesigns @ gmail . com

  7. I would love to do this again!
    I would like to have orange- or as a second choice- gold.
    Kim Rayner

  8. Robyn: You could give sweet Patty my squares if you want from the fall swap! I would not mind as I won't be doing anything with them until next summer probably...ok? I will call you. Love you...Kath