Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

How was your Valentine's day?
My girls go to a charter school so they celebrated Friday.
I almost forgot that yesterday was the celebration day.


I of course made skirts. Baubi has decided that she is too cool for Valentine's skirts, and also has decided that the whole holiday in general sucks. Her grouchy teenager self is coming out, or maybe it is the fact that you don't get parties in Jr. high. Any way that is why she is not playing the game and not in these pictures.

I really liked how they turned out. each one different but all made out of the same fabrics.

Also look how great they are for twirling.

Until next year, I hope that everyday is filled with love and that you are shown love in return.
I will be back later with details on each skirt.
Now go kiss your sweety.

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