Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been known in some circles as a good seamstress (I do have a large collection of blue ribbons to prove it in case you don't believe me) I am the best at sewing little girls dresses. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me four girls. Now I am paying the price for my greatness.

My dear sweet sister Vicki is getting married! She is the last sister to get married and since she waited she gets to have the most flower girls. We started counting and just her nieces made the total 13. Now we didn't want to make the in-laws feel left out so we started counting again. Now the grand total is 23 that is not a typo. If you have been thinking that Robyn is a terrible blogger and doesn't post things very often now you know the reason.

I am currently chained to my sewing machine and staying up way to late. To top it off the wedding is not this Saturday but next so I have less than two weeks to get them done. Please stop and say a little prayer to the sewing gods that they may be with me this week. I really need to finish these this week so I am not crazy the week of the wedding.

In case you were wondering why on earth I would take on such an endeavor it is simple I really love my sister. Also the thought of 23 little girls running around the wedding reception in all the fall colors and poofy skirts makes my heart happy.

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