Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Back

I am back.
After ten days In Hawaii,
and two days driving the girls to and from Grandma's house.
I am now home.

I should take this time to tell you all about it,
but I have to pick up girls from school,
do some laundry,
and try to come up with something for dinner with out going to the store.
Which should be fun since everything spoiled while we were gone.

I will be back to tell you all about it after this house is all put back together.

I would like to tell you though that I love my husband, and can hardly wait until
the children are gone and it can just be me and him always.

Not that I don't love my girls and want them here always.
I am sure when the time comes for Baubi to leave I will be a blob on the floor.
However I am telling you this, in thirteen years when Baby Sister is gone,
 I am going to though-ally enjoy being with Good Looking.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Sister's Party

As you may recall Baby Sister turned FIVE.
(I think it will be fun in ten years saying Baby Sister turned 15)
I forgot to show you what fun she had,
and the super cute things she got.

Patty from my swap wanted to send her a present.
I thought it would be something small, man was I surprised.

Look at all that orange fun.

When she came home from school, I sat her down to open her gift.

What do you think..

I think she likes it.

How cute is that?

This is her "Thank you Patty" face.

Orange five and crown.

Look even orange sparkles.

Orange hair bows.
She was not very good at making a surprised face.

Here is what else was in the box.

Just so you know. I am now in love, 
with the chocolate covered orange slices.
If you like chocolate & orange
You must try it,
way better than orange sticks.

Look at her blissfully happy face.

She put them all in this little bucket.

Of course I had to make her a bag.

I like the orange top stitching on the yellow.

This is her birthday skirt,
It is seersucker and perfect for summer.

Look how cute it is with her shirt.
Can't even stand it.

This is what we did for her party.

I don't like throwing little kids parties.
I know I should but I don't, so we only do them 
when you turn five, eight, twelve, and sixteen. 

I made orange treat bags. 
Baby sister's bag now holds her mini lalaloopsies.

We had orange food, on the orange table cloth, with the orange
plates, and napkins. Orange punch in the orange cups.

Some of the orange things included, Cheetos, fish crackers, cheeze its,
clementines, carrots, cheese balls. and cream cookies. 

Here are all the treat bags.
The bags had an orange bottle of bubbles, 
and a pack of orange crackers.

We just ate, played, opened presents, and had orange jello cake.
(sorry no pictures of the cake)

For our activity we laid out some bubble wrap and let them go to town.
Just in case you ever want to make a lot of noise,
all you need is, bubble wrap plus 15 four and five year olds.

I think it is funny how the children have to pounce on the birthday girl.
I remember sitting quietly on the floor and watching to see what they got.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Patty.

Lala is next, she is turning eight in two weeks.

I think this time we are going to do it all over again only make it all,

PINK !!!