Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Quilt

I have a trainer,
You could say a personal trainer,
you know the ones that are suppose to make you skinny.

She totally would, if I would play the game.
you know that game where you are suppose to eat right,
and exercise more than the two days a week that she kicks my but.

I guess you know my new year resolution now.

Anyway we have a trade system, she kicks my but and I sew for her.
She has two daughters that I sew for,
and three boys who, I do not sew for.
That is until recently.

Her son was going to be leaving to serve a mission for the church.
I have no sons, if I did I would be panicked about my boy being in a foreign country,
and not being there to offer my comfort on a hard day.

Knowing my friend and her undying love of her son, I made him a quilt.
(of course I would)

He goes to the University of Utah,
So I used their school colors for the quilt.

He did not know I was making it, this is when he first opened it,
he looks pretty surprised.

I think he likes it.

I used white fabric for the backing, then bought fabric markers,
and had everyone sign the back of it.
So if he does get discouraged, he has on hand every one's good wishes
to review, and hopefully make it all better.

It became a very popular place to be.

I reviewed some of the things people were righting,
the sweetest came from his little sister,
she is eleven and loves her big brother a lot.

I am glad that I was able to make such a nice memory for him
and his family.

I hope he has the time of his life.
I hope he is able to find people that he can help,
and I hope he returns safely.


  1. That is such a great thing to do! I love that people signed it for him, what a great idea!