Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am Trying My Best

Here is the deal with the swaps.

Swap one
I still have not heard a thing from someone who said that she wanted to do my swap.
I assigned her a color, and have not heard a thing from her.
She is now black balled, and will not be allowed to do another one of my swaps.
My sister is taking her spot.
Also someone else got me address wrong,
and that package is now on it's way back to my house.

Swap two
Over the weekend I got all remaining packages,
they will be on their way soon.

Patty's swap
Still waiting on a few packages to arrive.
The person who forgot my address, joined this swap,
just in case her first one was lost in the mail.
I am now guessing that the second one is now addressed wrong
and on it's way back to her house,
so that it can once again make it's way back to my house.

Christmas swap
I am now starting to get packages,
they are fabulous
You are going to be so jealous that you didn't do it.
Kim I love love love the Christmas robin birds,
I mean seriously how perfect are those.
Linda my Grandmother who I loved, and taught me how to sew,
Always had scotty dogs for Christmas.
Thank you so much for those.

I am trying my best, I really am,
I am only one person,
I guess I am not bossy enough,
or scary enough,
to get people to do what they said they were going to do.

Next time I will pester, like crazy.
I will send out emails weekly reminding everyone what they signed up for
and not to be late.

I guess when you plan something
and then give up all control to someone else this is what happens.
Lost packages and things late.

There are still four spots in the Christmas swap,
The deadline is Nov. 1.
It means that you will have to have them in the mail this week.
If you are in this swap please but them in the mail this week.
I am sure you don't want to be reading an email like this in the middle of November,
with me telling everyone about this one lady who said that she wanted to do this Christmas swap,
and then didn't send me her packages.

I hope I have cleared things up,
and that you will want to swap with me again.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Quilt Story and a Swap

I am featured to day on Quilt Story.
Go check me out, I am talking about my Jeweled Wedding Ring quilt. 

If you do go check it out you will see that I am wanting to make this quilt again.

I know, I would be the crazy one.

I want to make a Christmas quilt.
I want the red rings to be green.
The white centers to stay white and
all the joining pieces to be red.
For the petals I will make them green and then quilt them like holly leaves
For the circles I want to have all different Christmas fabrics.
I think they will look like lights on the Christmas tree branches.
Won't it be adorable.
I went to picnik and played way to long and made a mock up.
something like this.

Squint a little it might look better.

So even though I am still waiting on two packages from my first swap,
and even though I still haven't filled up Patty's swap,
 I am going to have a Christmas swap.
No colors to assign.
Nothing specific just as long as it is Christmas.

This is the plan gather 10 Christmas fabrics.(1/4 yard or fat quarter)
They can be from your stash or new from the store.
Cut them into 20, 4" squares send them to me by November 1,
and you will get in return 200 all different Christmas fabrics.

You can use them for a Christmas quilt of your own.
You can make stockings out of them.
You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree.
You can use them to make Christmas cards.
You can join me in making my Christmas Jeweled Wedding Ring quilt.
Because, I know you want to.

I think this will be fun I am hoping to get three swaps,
because it will take over 600 circles to make my quilt,
and I don't want any repeats.

So who is with me.
Leave me a comment with your email and you are in.

If you still want in on the fall color swap there are still spots open.
Leave me a comment on what color you want,
Kendra from ScrappinCricut I haven't heard back from you and I am holding a spot for you.

Let the fun begin.