Sunday, December 4, 2011

Curse the Small Children

I have so much to show you,
just the things I finished this last week are amazing.
I made a baptism dress out of a friends wedding dress.
Then I made her a dunking dress using the lace from said wedding dress.

I have another friend who every year for Christmas has a chocolate party.
Yes you heard me right, a chocolate party.
She invites all her friends over makes all the fondant centers and lets you go to town.
I of course had to make the girls skirts for this occasion.
I found the cutest Christmas fabric at the Joann's of Christmas chocolates,
They are adorable, with jumbo Chocolate rick rack.

Also a week ago today,
 I was binding four quilts, they are Christmas quilts,
once again adorable.

If you wondering well lady where are your pictures of these lovelies,
especially pictures of the chocolate.

This is where the title of this post comes into play. 
Lala and Baby Sister were playing with my camera and now, 
it is no where to be seen.
They were having so much fun taking pictures of themselves,
 and sneaking in to take pictures of me.
Of course they can not remember for the life of them where it is now.
 That is why I am saying
 "Curse the small children!!!"

I am now offering money to who ever finds it.
It is hard to tell a story on the world wide web with out a picture.
When it is found I will be posting the pictures I promise.
If it is not found my sweetie is getting me a new camera for Christmas.
Although that makes for a very boring blog for the next month.

Have fun, hope to be back soon with pictures to show. 


  1. Well I for one cannot wait to see the pics! You need my little man, he is the finder in my house!! Something goes missing and he is on the hunt!! haha

  2. oh dear!! Well my son broke mine and I'm now using my husbands!! kids, eh?! Hope you find it soon :)