Monday, August 22, 2011

I Made It

This quilt contest is over.

My quilt is one of the finalists for the Riley Blake design contest.
I am so excited that I made the cut.
Now the real work begins.

I need your vote!

Here is the link

Just for fun I thought that you might want to hear the stats on this little beauty.

It measures roughly 90" square
It has 525 circles
64 petals
Each circle has about 25 basting stitches and
30 applique stitches
Each petal has about 63 stitches
So in total, without counting the binding that is a grand total of...

32,907 stitches.
No wonder my fingers hurt.

We went to a local quilt show, and since Riley Blake is a local company they had the bike on display.
Isn't it just about the cutest thing, Baby Sister isn't so bad either.
I would really like to win,
and pedal this beauty around town,
so could you please vote for me.

I mean if you go over and you think that mine is not so great, I suppose you could vote for someone else.
 If you think that mine is the best, not only will you be my new best friend, you can vote for me too.
In case you forgot you can just click on over here and vote.

OK I think that might be enough begging for now.

I might be back later with a give away/ bribe.
I can't find my camera and it is no fun describing how great something is without a picture.
I will try to be back tomorrow with all the details.
In the meantime you can go vote for me.

OK, OK, I will stop now.


  1. This is truly beautiful- I have voted for you! I marvel at quilters' patience. Well done.

  2. Wow! That is amazing! I just found your blog today on Sugar bee crafts but I've gone and voted for you.

    *wanders away shaking head in awe of such a beautiful quilt*

  3. This is beautiful! I do some quilting but someday I want to learn how to do some applique! Love from!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love wedding ring quilts. It's my far-off goal to make one. You know, after I start quilting...

  5. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!

  6. Wow!! Your quilt is so amazing! I'm in love :)

  7. You are freakin' amazing!! I voted for you and featured your quilt tonight on Toast of Tuesday!!

  8. wow. you deserve to win. this is a special quilt! congrads with making it and now owning it... let alone with winning this competition. you've got our vote!

    Rose from

  9. Amazing, amazing, amazing! I saw your photos on Pinterest, and your quilt's photos literally took my breath away! Beautiful, stunning and amazing!

  10. Robyn,

    Your quilt is ALL OVER Pinterest today! Even Lori Holt was saying how much she loves it. Good for YOU!! It's so amazing and so darn cute.

    Proud to say I know you - or at least filled swag bags with you. ;)

    Have a great day!


  11. Robyn, your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. FYI, I just found it (the quilt!) on pinterest and just had to come over to visit! I'm just sorry that I'm too late to vote for you.

  12. I just started following your blog and found you too late to vote but I TOTALLY would have! This quilt is superb, truly :)

  13. Holy smokes Batman...that is one amazing quilt! I bow down at your hand sewing is something I have never mastered and am always impressed when people can do it. Just a stunning quilt!

  14. found you through my cousin's blog, green orchard...anyway - your double wedding ring - "jewel" quilt is beautiful. However, the pix of the whole thing doesn't allow you to see those jewels! Thanks for posting some up close shots.

  15. This is so beautiful! Great job! Im going over to vote for you now. Good job!

  16. Obummer... The contest is over!

  17. Staggering! I missed the vote, apparently, but WOULD have voted. I wish you the best.

  18. I saw your quilt featured on another blog this morning and just had to come see it. It's fabulous! Do you think you will offer a pattern for it?

  19. Wowza!!!!! This is amazing!! Love, Love, Love!!! I would love a pattern!!

  20. I am telling you that is one stunning quilt, and I can see it's a lot of work. Whether you came out with the most votes or not, your quilt is a winner!

  21. Amazing!! Glad to have found your blog.

  22. Is this pattern by chance for sale? I'm so over the moon with this... pretty please??

  23. Ive just seen your amazing quilt on Pinterest. I hope you won the competition. I would've voted for your quilt, it's so beautiful!!

  24. Your quilt is amazing! I hope you won - I would have voted, had I found you earlier:) Greetings, Una in Norway

  25. I'm so sorry that I was too late to vote for you! I saw it on Quilt inspiration and it is an inspiration... now upsatairs I go to get quilting.

  26. I followed a Pin to find this gorgeous quilt! Your work is breath taking!

    Is it your own design? Is there a pattern?

    I hope you are still monitoring your comments because I'd love to hear from you!

  27. I'm a bit late in coming to the party, but had to say: "LoVe YoUr QuILt"!!! Marvelous creativity! With all the quilts I've made, I've never made a Wedding Ring Quilt. I hope to make one, one day, using my retired cotton button shirts (I used to wear with my suits!) from the late 1990's. Thanks for the inspiration! LOVE all of the appliqued dots!!

  28. Did you make this using our pattern in our book, Link to the '30s? If so, give attribution!