Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am NOT a technically savy person, it is something that I just don't get. There are those that can just do it. They can cut and paste (something that I just learned last year) post picture with out deleting their entire post, can figure out how to get back the post they deleted. These are things that elude me, I can sew things together well and I can bake an amazing cake but this is still a trial and error for me.

I promised to tell the story of what I did on the morning we were going to see the Tabernacle Choir. I sat here at the computer spent the hour typing out the story (I am also not a very good typer and get things wrong all the time) only to realise that I had the pictures over on Baubi's side of the computer. I thought that I could save my post go over to Baubi's side and add the pictures. That was not going to happen, I could not get the stupid blogger to let me accomplish this simple task. I mean really how hard could it be open the saved post push the edit button and add the humiliating photo.

I have a dream that get a hold of this blogging thing, and inspire people to try new things, and people out there get to "see" me and I can really do this. Then I go and screw things up and don't know how to fix it.

Any way after a month of avoiding this I am now going to try it again. Wish me luck.

Let's review it was early Sunday morning we are going to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Christmas songs. Then go to the Little America for breakfast.

Last year I sewed the girls dresses the day before. I had made all their dresses that day, and only had to sew their velvet jackets that night. The problem I had was that they were just a size off from each other and so I spent the whole night unpicking velvet. So on Saturday night when I only had the little girls dresses done I remembered the hour and a half of sleep I got the year before and told my self that I was not going to do it again.(for those of you who do not know me this is a big step)

Instead I spent the night trying to think of what Gowyn was going to wear. I remembered some gold skirts that I had made last year and thought that she could wear that. The only problem is that I had no idea were it was. I thought that it might be in the DI bag in the garage so after my shower I got dressed put on some tall Christmas socks, because with my tall boots on you would never see them. Since I was just running out to the garage, and still had to chase small children around I put on my baby blue crocks. Needless to say that the skirt was not there. Gowyn decided to wear what she wore last year, the only problem was even though it had been a year, I still had not hemmed the sleeves.

This was my thought. I will put on my makeup and hem the sleeves while I am riding in the car. I Quickly did hair, gathered supplies and ran out the door. I sat in my seat and hemmed the sleeves passed it back to Gowyn and helped her get it on and laced up. Put on my makeup, this is something that I am getting increasingly good at. Sat back and relaxed, all that was left to do was enjoy the ride until we got there and explain to Baubi that is was Sunday and we were not going to listen to rap music. We were just getting on the free way (20 min from our house) It was then that I realised how comfortable my feet were. Yep never put on my tall boots. I gasped and showed the husband my feet. How could this have happened? I started laughing and saying "what are we going to do." He was still  not laughing "We are late you are going to have to go like that" Me "Are you kidding me! I can not go like this" Him "Well maybe you should have paid more attention"

I love my husband ALOT. He is a good man, he is handy and fixes things. He however can not get girls ready for church. Wait he can put on tights, and he can put on dresses. He can not do hair, and he can not tie bows. So there was a very good reason I was distracted. I was getting myself ready, I was getting four heads of hair done, and I was doing the best I could at seven o'clock in the morning.

I did finally get the man to turn off the free way and get me to a Walmart. I ran through the store grabbed some shoes that were on clearance, and grabbed some knee highs. I think that the thought of trying to put on panty hose while driving in the car would have put me over the edge.

So now for your viewing pleasure my humiliation averted. Get ready to laugh on this Tuesday.

A close up so you can really see how cute I was.

Happy Tuesday to you. Hopefully I will be back before another month goes by.


  1. Love it. You did this whole post without calling me. I am VERY proud of you. The more you blog, the easier it will become. I promise.

  2. What's the deal? You can't go in to see the Mo Tab with fun Christmas socks and crocs? Does Moana St. mean nothing to you??

    Ok, ok. We aren't small children running around without shoes and questionable clothing choices anymore.

    Love you!
    Alohas {can you tell Laie is on my mind- it might be the GRAY clouds and dreary Jan all around me}

  3. LOVE the socks!!!
    My husband can't get little girls ready for church either. I am able to get myself, my son AND my 3 daughters ready for church in the time it takes him to get ready. I love him to pieces, but I'll never understand it. I think he secretly takes so much time so that he doesn't have to do anyones hair. He's afraid of the hair.