Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been known in some circles as a good seamstress (I do have a large collection of blue ribbons to prove it in case you don't believe me) I am the best at sewing little girls dresses. The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me four girls. Now I am paying the price for my greatness.

My dear sweet sister Vicki is getting married! She is the last sister to get married and since she waited she gets to have the most flower girls. We started counting and just her nieces made the total 13. Now we didn't want to make the in-laws feel left out so we started counting again. Now the grand total is 23 that is not a typo. If you have been thinking that Robyn is a terrible blogger and doesn't post things very often now you know the reason.

I am currently chained to my sewing machine and staying up way to late. To top it off the wedding is not this Saturday but next so I have less than two weeks to get them done. Please stop and say a little prayer to the sewing gods that they may be with me this week. I really need to finish these this week so I am not crazy the week of the wedding.

In case you were wondering why on earth I would take on such an endeavor it is simple I really love my sister. Also the thought of 23 little girls running around the wedding reception in all the fall colors and poofy skirts makes my heart happy.

Monday, September 13, 2010


My oldest started Jr. High this year. Her first English assignment was to write a five paragraph report on her name. Was she named after anyone, what her nick names are, if she would change her name, etc. This made me think about this new blogging adventure. What would I call me children. Some blogs let us know what their children's names are, and some only call them by the number that they are in the family.

After much thought, I thought I would tell you now the names of my girls and from now on only call them what my three year old calls them

My oldest is Aubrey Del. She was going to be Madison we were liking that name up until a month before she was born. Every one that I told that we were going to name her Madison would say "Oh how cute I know two little girls named Madison" or they would say "I have three little girls in my ward named Madison." I came home from work one day and told my husband that we had to change her name. I told him that it would be like naming her Kimberly or Lisa or Jennifer and that she would go through school as Madison T. and that she would not be her own person. I remember Lisa B and Jennifer M in school and I didn't want that. I wanted people to say do you know Aubrey and for people to know who they were talking about and not which one. My husband got out the baby name book and got as far as the A's. He decided that he liked Aubrey it meant golden ruler and since we were hoping that she would have red hair, and that she would be the oldest we thought that it fit. Her middle name is the same as mine, which is the same as my aunts. From here on out she will be known on this blog as Baubey our baby had a hard time saying Aubrey and would only ever say it mixed up so Baubey it is. Now that she is three and a half she can say her name and it breaks Aubrey's heart a little that she calls her Aubrey instead of Baubey

My second girl is Jordyn Marie. When I was pregnant with her I did not like any of the names my husband did. Abigale, Lauren they all left a bad taste in my mouth and I did not like any of them. I thought and thought and than landed on Jordyn. When I
young my mom gave birth to my baby brother, there were complications with his birth and he had brain damage and only lived for six months. It was a sad time in our family and the name Jordan always reminded me of that sadness. A few years later my maternal Grandma was diagnosed with ALS a terrible decease that slowly kills your muscles. Needless to say the eighties were not fun at our house. I thought naming her after these two people who gave the good fight would be inspiring. A friend suggested spelling Jordan with a Y instead of an A to make it more feminine. So there you have it Jordyn Marie. Although from here on out she will be known on this blog as Gowyn once again Jordyn is hard for a baby to say so it always came out Gowyn. It is fun when she messes up on something to say " nice goin Gowyn"

My third daughter is Lillian Kathleen. I had had two negative pregnancy test, I had felt like I was pregnant, tired, hungry all the time. I thought for sure I was but I would take the test and nothing. A family friend of my husbands had died. I had always known her as Irene but standing in the viewing line I learned that her name was Lillian Irene I thought to my self that if I was pregnant and if it was another girl Lillian would be such a cute name. I cried harder at her funeral than her own children did I thought for sure after that i had to be, and sure enough I was pregnant so Lillian it was. Now the Kathleen part might take a little longer to explain. When my husband went away on his LDS mission his father blessed him that he would find someone on his mission who would be like a second mother to him. He is the only boy in his family and the first to go away needless to say that his mom and dad were anxious. This gave them all peace of mind knowing that the Lord would step in and help their son feel a sense of family. Some one that could watch over him, feed him, someone close that could take care of him if needs be. Two weeks into his mission he found Kath she was everything anyone would want as a surrogate mother. She is caring, loving and always gives great advise. She has helped him through out his life with all sorts of things including picking a wife (she says that he did a good job) She loves us like we are hers and the same goes for us. She is our Grandma Kath and we don't know what our lives would be with out her. I remember calling her and telling her all about Irean and that we were going to name her Lillian and when she asked what her middle name was going to be I said Kathleen all she could say was "really" and than she cried a little. So there you have it Lillian Kathleen, but from here on out she will be known as La La. We were trying to get the baby to say her name and we would say la la Lillian, la la Lillian all she could say was the la la part.

Now on to the baby sister. Her name is Alexa Ann. I have a brother who is eight months younger than me. No I did not miss type that he IS eight months younger than me. I was adopted. My parents got pregnant with my older brother as my mom says nine months and fifteen minutes after they were married. Then they couldn't get pregnant again for five years. In between that time they adopted my sister Ann-Marie and were getting ready to adopt again. They went to the doctor on Monday for physicals and told him all about adopting again. Wednesday I was born, the family I was suppose to go to had just got another baby a week before since my parents had just been there the doctor called them and asked if they wanted me. They snatched me right up. A week later they got all the blood work back showing that my mom was pregnant. People always thought that Alex and I were twins. We were inseparable and best friends. I had always wanted to name a baby after him and since she was our last I insisted. My husband said that if I was going to name her after my brother than he got to name her after one of his sisters (he has four) He wanted to name her after his sister Becky even though there are eight years between them they are the most a like in their family. The only problem was the Alexandra Rebecca was just way too long, Alexis was to sassy and Alex to short it was my dad who first suggested Alexa and that is what we went with. We still thought that Alexa Rebecca was still to long and too many a's. Becky's middle name is Ann we liked it Alexa Ann it was and is. Now this is a tough one she does not have a nick name for herself we call her Lex and that is what we might go for, or we could call her baby sister on this blog because that is what I call her, or number four what her dad has been known to call her. I might have to think about that one some more.

Now on to my husband his name is Troy but I rarely call him that. My mom says she knows when he is in trouble if I only call him Troy. I usually call him Troy Tischner or just Tischner. Like in Pride and Prejudice how it is Mr. Darcy and only Mr. Darcy. I like how in some blogs they call their husband something that has to do with the title of the blog but I don't think that he wants to be known as Mr. Bolo since bolo in Hawaiian means bald. I could always refer to him as Good Lookin since that is what I also call him. I might have to think some more on that one too.

There you have it all the names of my super cute family. Maybe a little to much info but now you know something more about me, and my family for that matter. So what are your family's names? Do you have a funny story about naming them? Are they named after someone? Did you and your significant other get into fights about it? Some thing to think about.