Thursday, November 4, 2010

The other two.

It is true that I have two older children and they also dressed up for Halloween. Baubi was a gangster and Gowyn was Cinderella the bride. Here is proof and details.

Baubi changed her mind at least six times. Some of her options were Victoria from twilight, zombie, prom zombie, Mulan, Jessie, etc. She finally decided on a Gangster or should I say Gangsta.

I was making matching outfits for her and her best friend, since I was running out of time I decided to make just a vest.

If I had more time I think I would have made a short dress and have her wear fish net stockings and maybe a gold chain to a pocket flap. I still may do that since we haven't had our official photos taken.

She liked it the way it was I guess that is all that mattered.

Gowyn is her own sort of crazy or quirky how ever you want to see it. She is obsessed with Cinderella one might think that since she is now 10 she would be over it but nope she is not. She has been every version of Cinderella, the ball gown, pumpkin fairy, Fairy Godmother, the maid, the pink dress the mice made, and this year was the finale, Cinderella the bride. I have told her that we have worked our way through the entire movie and we are done. She is still hoping for the stepsisters or Mary the mouse, I say we are done.

Her dress is pretty simple it crosses over in the front and has long fitted sleeves. I made her veil to be like the one in the movie I used heavy interfacing covered in satin and gathered it on the top and put elastic around the base of her neck. I wanted to wire the sides and use fishing line to hold it up and then put little blue birds on the ends. I figured that way people would totally know that she was Cinderella. She didn't want it whacking people so she wouldn't let me.

I had her wear the hoop skirt I made for the ball gown and a petti skirt. We found out that if she twirled and sit down she looked like a giant marshmallow. It was her favorite part.

Gowin's best friend is a boy named Tia, we told him that he should go as Prince Charming so that when they go trick or treating people would know who they were. Also I don't know if you knew this but it is Prince Charming and Cinderella's 60th wedding anniversary this year(and we still don't know his real name). I think that Tai's mom did a fabulous job he looked great.

They were so cute together I wouldn't be able to say the next year they want to go as zombies or vampires. From super cute to super spooky. Maybe we will think of something else less gorey.


  1. Pretty impressive--esp since you had such a short amount of time. Are ou going to bring Tai for the photo shoot?

  2. Hey Dobby,

    I said I'd make a comment so here it is. Your girls look great. I know that Aubrey loves to hear this, but I thought I was looking at you as a teen-ager in some of those shots. Jordyn looked beautiful. Great job. You are amazing.


  3. I totally got the Cinderella wedding dress, it is exactly like in the movie!
    I understand your daughter's interest, I have a Cinderella gown too!
    It is nice that the prince went with her.